Tempur Scandinavia Bed Frame

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Tempur Scandinavia Bed Frame
New model, now with abdominal decompression system.

Renewed Scandinavia bed frame by TEMPUR. Sturdy wooden structure, 5 articulation planes, multi-slat bed base, and as a novelty, its Abdominal Decompression System. Set of 4 legs 25 cm INCLUDED.

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Tailored financing
  • White
  • Grey
  • Roble

Product Details

Ideal for
Mattresses WITHOUT springs, such as memory foam or latex.
Wooden structure + Polypropylene-coated slats on SBS supports.
Set of 4 x 25 cm legs. INCLUDED.


Features and Benefits

  • Structure with eucalyptus laminated wooden frame of 140x20 mm, highly resistant and robust.
  • With Abdominal Decompression System.
  • Resting bed with multi-slat system covered in polypropylene and SBS pads, with adjustable firmness in the lumbar area.
  • Cordless RF remote control with high-reliability and longevity silent motor.
  • Set of 4 legs INCLUDED.

Multi-slat System covered in polypropylene and SBS pads

Wooden slats covered in polypropylene, providing greater strength and ease of cleaning. They are supported by SBS pads, a flexible and highly resistant rubber characterized by its durability over the years.

Trilambar lumbar adjustment

Located in 3 rows of the central zone and reinforced with 2 bed slats, position them in the center for greater hardness or at the ends for greater flexibility. Greater hardness is recommended for heavier people. On the other hand, greater flexibility is recommended for people with wider hips (it will adapt better when sleeping on their side).

Electric Articulated Bed with RF Remote Control

  • 5 articulation planes through low-consumption 24V German-made electric motor and reinforced hardware.
  • In matrimonial models, the possibility of articulating the two beds independently or synchronizing them with a single remote control.
  • Cordless RF remote control.

Abdominal Decompression (TS)

Its abdominal decompression TS system (in articulated models) allows the back and head area to move backward while raising, avoiding compression of the abdominal area.

Finishes to choose

  • Ash Grey
  • Natural Oak
  • White

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