90 cm mattresses

Buy your 90 cm mattress at MI COLCHÓN from brands such as Flex, Relax, Tempur or Magister and get exclusive discounts for online purchase. The 90x190 cm size is currently the most common size for single beds. It is the standard single size, also known as twin or single. Your 90x190 cm mattress is perfect for young and elderly alike.

However, those who know how to enjoy their bed and who have adjustable beds for reading or watching TV will also get maximum comfort from the 90 cm beds.

In youth rooms decorated with trundle beds, the most common are 90x180 cm mattresses, as the extra bed below is usually a little smaller to fit the space. Get your 90x180 cm mattress at MICOLCHÓN and always remember to measure the space between the bed above and below. At MICOLCHÓN, we have wide range models with different thicknesses and heights especially for trundle beds. From trusted brands such as NIGHTLAND, NESSEN or NORDSWISS.

What’s more, if you have teenagers who haven’t stopped growing, we have the 90x200 cm mattress. Remember that your mattress should be at least 10 cm longer than your height to ensure a perfect night’s sleep. 

When choosing your 90 cm mattress, take into account the type of base it’ll be placed on. At MICOLCHÓN, we’ll advise you to ensure that you get the most suitable and durable sleep products. But that’s not all; as you know, we’re more than just specialists, we’re MATTRESSOLOGISTS! Whatever your back problem is, we’ve got the solution to ensure a truly restorative sleep that doesn’t make your back problems worse. What’s more, we’re so confident in our experience, training and advice that we offer a 100-night trial for the NESSEN and TEMPUR brands. Whatever your condition, slipped disc, lumbar pain, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, etc. we have the perfect mattress for you!

Please note that, at MICOLCHÓN, we manufacture bespoke mattresses, so your 90 cm wide mattress can be made in whatever length you need, depending on where it’ll be used: motorhomes, sofa beds, boats and much more.

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