Memory Foam Mattresses

Buying memory foam mattresses online is a great choice. However, there are many qualities, which not only depend on their density, although this mainly affects the lifespan of the mattress. The market cheap mattresses, low-cost mattresses or outlet mattresses. Most of these are vacuum-packed and rolled up to reduce transportation costs.

Even though they don’t last as long, they are practical for occasionally used extra beds, folding beds or trundle beds.

At MiColchón, we’ve got quality memory foam mattresses at the best price, such as the Tempur material, the original patent of this material conceived at NASA, which offers a unique sleep, with the sensation of floating in the air, a feeling of weightlessness that has shaken up the world of sleep.

We offer you memory foam treated with vegetable oils or patented memory foam such as Nessen's Memoryvis®, which makes the mattress much cooler. These memory foam mattresses also provide great benefits for your health, and, as MATTRESSOLOGISTS, we know how they can help you with your conditions. We offer the best mattresses for athletes and for every type of condition such as lumbar pain, scoliosis, spondylitis and slipped discs.

For a cooler sleep, we can also offer mattresses that combine memory foam and gel, which are ideal for people who get hot at night. If you come to try them out, you will notice at first touch that the mattress is at least 2 or 3 degrees below room temperature.

Graphite memory foam mattresses are a new trend. These models combine the adaptability properties of memory foam with the benefits of graphite which, due to its high thermal conductivity, dissipates the sensation of heat that memory foam mattresses can provide. In any case, remember that memory foam does not give off heat by itself, but as it adapts to the body it has a greater support surface, and that is what can generate a sensation of heat. Graphite helps dispel some of that heat. In addition to its great elasticity, graphite, which is an allotropic form of carbon, has been incorporated into the world of sleep to improve our comfort.

Don’t waste time! Get your memory foam mattress and sleep in the most comfortable way with Mi Colchón, experts in sleep.

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What is memory foam? +
It is a type of foaming composed of polyurethane treated with kerosene oils and polyols. Its most representative capacity is to adapt to the user's posture or sleeping position, wrapping it and keeping its shape to maximize comfort. There is a misconception that it is a calorific material because of its ability to adapt to the entire body surface, giving the sensation that it raises the temperature. To combat this, we have a wide range of memory foam with graphite or gel, specially created to alleviate the thermal sensation resulting in a cooler night’s sleep.
What are the advantages of memory foam mattresses VS spring mattresses?+
The main advantage of memory foam mattresses over spring mattresses, which shook up the sleep industry, was that this material does not exert pressure on our body. When we lie down, the spring is in tension; it “pushes” us even if we do not notice it, because it tends to recover its space. Memory foam, with its memory effect, its thermo-sensitive capacity to adapt perfectly to our contours, doesn’t exert pressure. So, the comfort of a quality memory foam mattress is more beneficial to our body, boosts blood flow and cuts down on tossing and turning while we sleep. What is known as the sensation of weightlessness while we sleep. Finally, another great advantage of memory foam mattresses is their ability to prevent movement in a double mattress.
Is density important in memory foam mattresses? +
The density in memory foam is the amount of memory foam material per cubic metre. Density is directly related to the QUALITY of the product. What’s more, it’ll have a big effect on the durability of your mattress. The memory foam density also influences the memory effect, which is more or less adaptable. The important thing in a memory foam mattress is not so much the number of centimetres of visco that it has, but the quality, its density. There are 3 types of memory foam mattresses: - High-density memory foam mattresses (from 80kg to 95kg) - Medium-density memory foam mattresses (from 60kg to 65kg) - Low-density memory foam mattresses (from 50kg to 55kg)
On what base should I place a memory foam mattress?+
Your memory foam mattress must be placed on a breathable base. What’s more, this base can be perforated or channelled so that it transpires and therefore prevents condensation. If you want to put an Ottoman Storage Bed, the cover must also be perforated or channelled. In both options, 3D upholstery, a three-dimensional fabric, is the most suitable covering because its structure creates micro air chambers inside the mattress, allowing moisture to escape and maximizing breathability, from the mattress to the base. Finally, a slatted bed frame could also be used, but bearing in mind that it will soften the firmness of the mattress.
What is the top-selling memory foam mattress?+
The best-selling models of memory foam mattresses are the NESSEN and TEMPUR mattresses, the former with its advanced MEMORYVIS memory foam, the latter with the original visco patent.
Are memory foam mattresses suitable for heat-sensitive people?+
Memory foam itself does not raise the temperature. The sensation of heat, however, can be produced by the fact that it moulds perfectly to our body, so there is more surface area in contact with it, which can create a sensation of heat. For this purpose, companies such as Tempur or Nessen create profiled cores with ventilation channels or moisture-absorbing layers, such as NESSEN's COCODreams system. There are also smart mattress covers that help regulate body temperature, so we could say that these mattresses are suitable for heat-sensitive people.
I have back problems. Should I use a memory foam mattress?+
The cheap memory foam mattresses available at MiColchón are the most ergonomic in the world of sleep. They are products specially developed to relieve back pain because they do not put pressure on our muscles and allow our body to sleep and boost blood flow. Precisely for this reason, they are one of the go-to mattresses in hospitals, helping to relieve pressure.
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