AVOI (Association of Child Oncology Volunteers) helps boys and girls at the Maternity and Children’s Hospital to make their stay as pleasant as possible. At MiColchón, we have always been there to keep a smile on every child’s face, and today we are proud to have a great company, Flex, customise one of their mattresses with the name AVOI. For every AVOI mattress sold, we donate €5 to the association. Since 2016, we have donated an average of €4,000 per year. We also collaborate throughout the year, donating products that the Association needs, such as pillows.

The Cudeca Foundation is a private non-profit entity that aims to provide palliative care for patients with cancer and other illnesses at an advanced, terminal stage. At MiColchón, we have done our little bit to help by making and printing 1,000 money boxes to raise awareness and fundraise. This is simply the beginning of a collaboration that will involve caring acts to fundraise and spread the word about the work this Foundation does. This year, we were also very proud to be able to collaborate by donating material needed by the Cudeca foundation in this uncertain time of a pandemic.

The Red Cross is one of the most well-known associations in the country. More than 11 million people get help each year from this association. At MiColchón, we wanted to collaborate with the Red Cross with everything they needed, and even more so when it involved helping residents in the province of Malaga to be able to sleep like they deserve. With the help of this association, we have been able to distribute 15 mattresses to disadvantaged families in Malaga capital.


At MiColchón, we want to show the importance of prevention in sexual relations to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses and unwanted pregnancies. That’s why, for European Sexual Health Day we implemented our “Protect their dreams” campaign to raise awareness for associations that work to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses. We donated 5,000 condoms to be distributed around Malaga by entities such as ASIMA, Andalucía Diversidad and Apoyo Positivo.

The El Pimpi foundation seeks to contribute to society in every area needed, whether that is cultural, social, economic, food related or ecological, starting with the province of Malaga, but it has no limits or borders. At MiColchón, we know about the fantastic work that this association does and we wanted to lend a hand to collaborate with them in their work to help people who live in the “Good Life Home” in the La Palmilla (Malaga) neighbourhood, where there are individuals with few resources and no social support. To help them sleep, MiColchón gave 5 bunk beds and 10 mattresses and pillows.

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