135 cm mattresses

At MICOLCHÓN, we offer the greatest choice in 135 cm mattresses. It’s the most common size for couples; what is known in America and Europe as a double bed.

And, at MICOLCHÓN, we are specialists in 135x190 cm mattresses, for young couples who are buying their first mattress or for those who are updating their old one. We’ll advise you to ensure you get what you need. We have the best 135 cm mattress brands in Spain and Europe, always at the best prices. 

For small rooms, remember that you can use a 135x180 cm mattress, or on the other hand, if you are a “tall” couple, your mattress should be 135x200 cm or perhaps even 135x210 cm. In any case, MICOLCHÓN can make you a bespoke mattress in any type of material and comfort level.

In 135 cm mattresses, or double mattresses, we come across couples that are usually quite different from a physical perspective. Sometimes the body type, weight, height can vary drastically. For this purpose, MICOLCHÓN offers 135 cm split mattresses. This means we can customise your side of the bed, configuring your 135 cm mattress with different levels of firmness for each sleeper. Brands such as FLEX, MAGISTER or NESSEN offer this possibility across a wide range of models, as well as the most premium, select, natural and artisan brands, which allow you to customise everything from the upholstery of the mattress to the firmness.

Nowadays, double mattresses with independent sides are highly sought-after. This independence consists of ensuring that your movements while sleeping are isolated, getting rid of motion transfer so your partner can sleep undisturbed. We also have a solution to this at MICOLCHÓN, with independent spring cores and materials that will adapt to you, getting rid of the danger of sinking or “sliding” towards the middle of the mattress when sharing a bed.

And as always, keep in mind the base of your new 135 cm mattress when it comes to customising the different sides. A multi-slat bed frame offers the possibility of reinforcing or softening the comfort of your side of the bed depending on the shoulder, lower back or leg areas. Your 135 cm base will affect the firmness and adaptability of your mattress, depending on whether it is upholstered or slatted, so it is important to know what to choose; make the most of MICOLCHÓN’s personalised advice.

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