150 cm mattresses

MICOLCHÓN has the largest variety of 150 cm mattresses, the perfect mattress size to get the best night’s sleep as a couple. You can choose your 150x190 cm mattress from the best brands; FLEX, SEALY, RELAX, and in particular NESSEN and TEMPUR, which also offer a 100-night trial, because your sleep is important to us.

To get the most comfortable sleep when sharing a bed, make sure to choose the right width of your 150 cm mattress. In Spain, it is the size that couples usually go for, as it fits perfectly in a bedroom while providing a very useful and comfortable extra space. It is perfect for an independent sleep, so that your sleeping posture or your movements while you sleep do not disturb your partner. 

However, as well as space, a 150 cm mattress allows each side of the bed to be adapted to each person’s body type, depending on their size, weight or height, with 150x200 cm and 150x210 cm mattresses. And this customisation of each side of the bed is offered by the main brands on the market; MAGISTER, FLEX, NESSEN, etc. Even consider the option of twin mattresses, in other words, two x 75 cm wide mattresses that can be joined by special covers and are rather useful in the case of double adjustable beds, whether manual or motorised.

The most advanced bed in sleep customisation is the iBedFLEX® designed by the Spanish multinational Flex. With your Smartphone, not only can you adapt the firmness of your mattress to each part of your body for a pressure-free sleep, your iBedFLEX® will draw up reports on the quality of your sleep, and the configuration of each side of the bed will always be stored in the cloud, available at all times to configure, for example, the iBedFLEX® mattress of any hotel with your profile.

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