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HR mattresses are mattresses composed of what we commonly refer to as foams. However, it’s not just about foams. In the world of sleep, they are technical foams due to their incredible sleep-triggering properties, getting rid of the pressure that traditional spring mattresses can exert on our body, for example.

HR or High Resilience mattresses refer to the High Resilience properties of their materials, in other words, flexibility, resistance and cushioning. Resilience is the ability of these foams to recover their initial state after being subjected to pressure.

HR mattresses are made from the chemical compound isocyanate. To distinguish between different qualities, their density, the amount of isocyanate used in their composition is usually taken into account and measured in relation to their weight and volume. So, a quality HR will be so from densities greater than 20 kg or 25 kg per cubic metre.

High resilience material is the usual basis for memory foam mattresses. In this section, we’ve got mattresses made from quality HR, commercial patents of the main brands in the market, such as Eliocel by Relax, Airvex by Flex, Magpur by Magister. 

Just like in other types of mattresses, there are very different qualities, with the cheapest technical foams being those with lower density in their composition. This mainly influences the final durability of the product. Density is not directly related to firmness or breathability. These other properties of the material will depend on its chemical composition, its manufacturing process (some manufacturers speak of open or closed pore) or even its shape or profile.

When selecting the most suitable mattress for you, also bear in mind the layers of cushioning or padding, which, combined with the high resilience (HR) base, will have an effect on whether your mattress is more or less ergonomic, firm, cosy or cool.

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What are HR mattresses or foam mattresses? +
It is a polyurethane of interwoven open micro-cells that allows the product to breathe and, at the same, time is the firm base of all memory foam mattresses, which prevents the memory foam support layer from deforming.
What are the advantages of foam mattresses? +
Technical foam mattresses such as High Resilience (HR) are softer than spring mattresses but have a firmer feel than memory foam mattresses. They are usually used for second homes or holiday rentals, for sporadic use, due to how cheap they are. Nevertheless, the industry leaders have patented technical foams such as Flex in the case of AIRVEX, which have been designed to be softer while offering greater breathability of the core. Being mid-range mattresses with a proven track record, they’re more durable than traditional foams.
Do I need a special base for a HR mattress? +
A foam mattress can go with any type of base. A slatted bed frame could be your perfect complement, as it will allow you to breathe while providing extra comfort and adaptability.
What is the top-selling foam mattress? +
The GARBI VISCO model by FLEX and the JUNIOR ADAPT Visco A model.
Are foam mattresses suitable for heat-sensitive people? +
To be honest, HR mattresses are unsuitable for heat-sensitive people because they are less breathable. However, patented foam mattresses such as AIRVEX are, thanks to the fact that they are profiled cores, in other words, created in moulds with internal ventilation channels and open cell material.
I have back problems. Should I use a foam mattress? +
It basically comes down to the degree of firmness and adaptability required for your problem. Ask our mattressologists for more information.
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