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Bed frames and bases are the support for your mattress. A bed is the combination of mattress, base and pillow. There are many types, depending on the level of comfort that best suits you or your needs.

Firstly, we can differentiate between fixed and articulated bases. Articulated bed frames, whether manual or electric, are the perfect support for all ages. These beds boost quality of life, allowing you to comfortably adapt the bed to the posture sought: you can read, watch TV or use the tablet, take a nap slightly incorporating the torso to aid digestion, or improve your blood circulation playing with the articulation of the different

Our bed frames are manufactured in Spain and, at MiColchón®, we only work with top brands, Flex, Relax, Dorwin, Nightland, and also with the main European brands, such as Tempur, Hukla.

The slatted bed frames are the most breathable option, and their main feature is their flexibility and elasticity, serving as support for springless, latex, memory foam or High Resilience or HR technical foam mattresses. The bed frames consist of a metal structure, which must be sturdy and resistant, and the slats, usually made of beech wood. Its options and possibilities are endless; we offer bed frames with lower back reinforcement, with firmness regulators, and even combining plates or other components that tilt and optimize the adaptability of your mattress.

Upholstered bed bases are another great option for a perfect night’s sleep. At MiColchón®, we highlight our upholstered 3D fabric bed base, a robust perforated base that ensures perfect breathability of your mattress thanks to the three-dimensional fabric. What’s more, these bases are perfect for all types of mattresses, traditional or pocket spring, as well as springless alike. With bases such as this, you can choose the type of leg and the height you require.

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