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Choosing the most suitable pillow for a good night’s sleep is key. It is not just another accessory, the perfect pillow for your body and sleeping posture is decisive when it comes to maintaining the correct posture of your spine and neck while sleeping.

Choosing the right pillow is therefore a really important decision. Our mattress experts will help you choose the right one and, at MiColchón®, we offer you all kinds of materials, heights and levels of firmness. We’ve got the pillow just for you!


For us, health comes first, so first of all, let us know if you have any back or neck problems. Bear in mind that the shape of the pillow also affects your level of comfort, so we have traditional pillows as well as ergonomic, butterfly-shaped or neck pillows to suit your needs.

Another frequently-asked question is which posture you sleep in, since not all pillows are suitable for certain postures. Remember that the best posture for your back is to sleep on your back, however, let your mattress specialist know if you sleep on your side, stomach or back so that he/she can recommend the most suitable pillows.

Next, think about how comfortable you want it or how you want it to feel. In this way, we can recommend you the best pillow filling: fibre, foam, duvet, memory foam, latex, mixed...

And last but not least, when choosing a pillow, take into account other factors: if you are heat-sensitive, choose pillows with cotton or Tencel covers, with COLD fabric and that are very breathable and washable; if you are allergic, make sure that the filling materials are hypoallergenic...


I have neck problems; do you sell neck pillows? +
At MICOLCHÓN, we have the widest range of pillows on the market. We have a special range for neck pain. Neck pillows help keep the spine in good position or correct the position of the spine. Sleeping with proper alignment of the vertebrae helps prevent headaches, back pain and, more specifically, neck pain. TEMPUR® has a wide range of memory foam cervical pillows, which adapt perfectly and that you can choose according to your shoulder width, they are pillows by sizes. NORDSWISS®, on the other hand, offers high density and high-quality memory foam pillows, and allows you to choose different heights and levels of firmness to perfectly adapt to your body and sleeping posture.
What type of pillow should I choose? +
When choosing the right pillow, you must ensure: • That the pillow is the right one; a good mattress and a good base are useless if the pillow does not correctly align your back when sleeping. • You must take into account your sleeping posture, a pillow for sleeping on your back is not the same as a pillow for sleeping on your side. Sleeping in the prone position is considered to be the worst possible posture for our spine. • You must then take into account the height and firmness of the pillow. • You can choose the level of comfort you prefer from a wide range of materials. At MiColchón, we have the best brands on the market, MASH pillows, VELFONT pillows, KLINUM pillows:  memory foam pillows: they are the ones that best adapt to the contour of our neck, and come in different shapes, with the neck ones being the best to correctly align the vertebrae. TEMPUR pillows also come different sizes according to shoulder width.  Latex pillows: highly breathable thanks to the perforations in their core.  Feather pillows: they provide firmness and are very soft.  Down pillows are thermo-regulating, keeping in the heat in winter and allowing air to pass through in summer. We sell KLINUM pillows, the high range of Flex pillows.  Silicone hollow fibre pillows: they are the cheapest, and are siliconized so that they do not cushion, although they require minimal maintenance, hollowing them out daily so that they do not “deform”. Firmness is a personal choice, although medium firmness is recommended for back sleepers and high firmness for side sleepers.
Which pillow do you recommend for my child? +
At MiColchón, we have the largest selection of pillows. And we have many options for the little ones. All of them notably soft and low height, perfect for the development of the little ones. From the KINDER pillow of siliconized hollow fibre to the VISCO GEL SOFT pillow, with an adaptable and soft memory foam suitable for children.
Can pillows be washed? +
Memory foam and latex pillows cannot be washed. As for fibre pillows, the manufacturer indicates that they are washable, however, be aware that, if you wash them too often, in the end the life of the pillow is drastically reduced. It is normal to wash the pillowcase more frequently, which usually has a zipper, and the protector that you should always put on your pillow. For hygiene and durability.
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