Spring Mattresses

For years, spring mattresses were the most popular. Although spring mattresses started being manufactured as early as the 17th century, it wasn’t until the early 20th century that stable cores were used, following the invention of the conical spring.

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What are the advantages of spring mattresses VS memory foam mattresses? +
It basically comes down to breathability; a spring block allows air to circulate inside it, and our natural movement while we sleep boosts this breathability.
What types of spring mattresses are there? On a scale starting from the most basic: +
• Bonnell or biconical spring • Continuous wire springs: Flex holds the patent for MULTIELASTIC and its evolution, MULTIELASTIC NxT. • Pocket springs • Titanium springs: Sealy, greater durability, strength, flexibility and makes mattresses lighter.
What type of base should I put a spring mattress on? +
Always on an upholstered or uniform bed base. Never on slats, as, between slats, the spring structure is deformed because they have no support.
What is the top-selling spring mattress? +
The FLEX CLOUD (pocket springs), the Flex MULTI VISCO and the FLEX Youth-size (multi-elastic).
Are spring mattresses suitable for heat-sensitive people? +
Perfectly suitable, this goes back to the first question, the free circulation of air inside.
I have back problems. Should I use a spring mattress? +
In these cases, we recommend pocket springs, which are much softer and more adaptable than a normal spring block.
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