Keyton massage armchairs

Intelligent massage chairs


It's time to relieve the muscle tension caused by the daily stress. KEYTON massage chairs provide the solution with regular use of their technologically advanced system with scientifically proven results.

A personalized massage

These chairs have sensors that react to body contact, detecting up to 128 points on your back and customizing the massage to each pressure point.

Furthermore, it memorizes your massage preferences: dorsal and lumbar, stress reduction, skin restoration, anti-cellulite, sport, relaxation, and cervical zone.

Two chairs in one

KEYTON innovates with a system that adapts the same chair to the activity you prefer: getting a massage or resting, enjoying its comfort in both positions.


The advantages provided by these chairs are scientifically proven. KEYTON chairs manage to alleviate cervical tension by more than 21% and reduce muscular stress by 42%.

Experience the comfort of your home with Shiatsu massage techniques through the combination of their kneading, tapping, rolling, and 3D kneading legs movements.

Cervical and lumbar relief

Improves circulation

Muscle recovery

Anti-stress aid


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