Why buy with MiColchón?

1. Experience.

We know what you need because we have been caring for and advising on sleep for 40 years, ever since we opened our first store, Colchonería El Palo, in the emblematic district of Malaga.

During this time, we have faced all kinds of personal cases, and it is that direct contact with the customer and our knowledge of the product that has set us apart and made us leaders in our region.

We have a mattress store in Malaga, Torre del Mar and Fuengirola, among them the biggest sleep centre in Europe, a true reference point in the sleep sector, with over 2,000 m2 of display area. The concept of a large centre that we are going to expand to the rest of Spain. Our next goal is to create the biggest mattress store in Seville, expected in 2019.

2. Training.

And as well as our experience, we have a personal team that undergoes continuous training and learning. So, we can ensure that you will get service that is customised, professional and effective. Prestigious physiotherapists, such as Romualdo Castillo, have come to our company to provide training on the main back problems. We know which mattress is right for people diagnosed with scoliosis, how firm a mattress should be for people with fibromyalgia, the best mattress for lumbar pain, the best pillow for cervical spine problems, and we even advise on what the best posture for sleep is with your particular back problem.

3. From professional to professional.

Our specialisation in sleep is the best. We provide solutions and product lines specially designed for professionals in HOSPITALITY, GERIATRICS and interior DECOR.

We have the best mattresses and pillows for hotels, with our exclusive, patented double duration system.

We create contract projects for hotels and we offer solutions for geriatrics and individuals, with pressure mattresses, technical help, adjustable beds that can change heights and have other features that improve the quality of life for our elderly and convalescing individuals, as well as their family members and caretakers.

And for the world of interior design and those who love interior decor, we supply the most important VIP and Premium brands in the world, with luxury and haute couture mattresses. Residents in Marbella and Calahonda have found the best displays for these companies at our centres.

4. Service.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with choosing the best mattress. It continues with a flexible, professional service, with exclusive couriers who fully understand our products and an after-sales service that can solve any issue. Your satisfaction is our priority.

5. Guarantees.

Our mattresses and sleep products have been made in Spain, Europe and the USA under the most demanding quality standards and in accordance with current legislation. We also work with the best brands in the world. As well as the manufacturer guarantee, we have our MiColchón guarantee, which will quickly solve any issue, problem or question about your purchase and we will mediate with the manufacturer if necessary. We respond and we get involved with our customers.

6. Offers and promotions.

If you want mattress offers, mattresses at the best price, inexpensive mattresses, quality mattresses and, why not, luxury mattresses... we have it all, with one clear commitment: we can beat any budget.

7. The best brands in the world.

We are a chain that specialises in sleep, offering you the widest variety in mattress brands, with multi-brand centres so that you can choose which mattress to buy:

Spain: Flex mattresses, Relax mattresses, Magister mattresses, Aspol mattresses and Nessen mattresses. We have prestigious manufacturers in every material. Specialists in springs, like Flex with its Multielastic, or pocket springs by Pocket Infinity, Aspol provides Phisiotec, Magister allows us to customise the firmness on your side of the bed and they are the inventors of the fold-away ottoman storage bed or chest, and Nessen, reflect MiColchón’s commitment to design the most comfortable mattresses in the world, beds which are the fruit of our experience and knowledge in the sector, with a 12 year guarantee and a 100 night trial. But don’t forget armchairs, as Spain has the world’s leading brand in massage chairs. Buy your relaxing Keyton chair, which combines Japanese technology with top quality, Spanish designed leather upholstery.

Americans: the exclusive, best range of American mattresses. Live out the American dream with the greatest variety in Sealy mattresses and its Hybrid line... you can buy the best beds from the United States in their original measurements, King or Queen!

Germany: high-quality products come from this country, such as the Himolla chairs, the benchmark brand in electric armchairs, with exclusive designs and leather armchairs that you can manoeuvre to get the most comfortable positions for relaxing. Or the Hukla company, if you want to buy a strong, durable electric adjustable bed combined with a latex Hukla mattress, a memory foam mattress or a graphite memory foam mattress.

Norway: the most comfortable reclining armchairs in the world come from Scandinavia. If you want to enjoy an armchair with an exclusive comfort system, you need to buy a Stressless armchair. When you try it, you won’t want anything else. The back moulds to your movements and its pouffes enable you to rest, watch TV or read in the most comfortable position possible, without straining your neck.

Denmark: Tempur is the brand with the original patent for memory foam, created by NASA for its space projects. Tempur mattresses at the best price, only at MiColchón. We also supply the entire range of Tempur pillows, bed frames and adjustable beds. If you want an original memory foam mattress, this is the brand for you.

Sweden: The Scandinavian country that supplies luxury beds and mattresses, the most exclusive range in the world. Since 1852, they have continued an artisan tradition with the most select natural materials, such as horsehair, free of allergens and with unique ventilation properties, natural cotton, linen and Swedish pine for the structure of their beds. All this in pocket spring cores and open coil springs to achieve maximum comfort. A true sleep experience.

Italy: We also have a line of Italian design sofas that you won’t find anywhere else because of their originality and beauty, upholstered in top-quality Italian leather. Visit Nessen Interiors, our Sofa Experience, and discover our range of high-quality furniture, accessories, armchairs and sofas.

The best mattresses and beds

At MiColchón, we have the best brands in the world, which allows us to offer you the best materials in the world:

1. You can buy the best basic coil spring mattresses, like the Bonnell, Miracoil mattresses, Flex Multielastic spring mattresses or pocket spring mattresses. It is pocket spring mattresses that provide the most adaptability, with each spring individually sealed in a fabric pocket to adapt to the shape of your body and to stop any movement when sleeping with a partner. Titanium alloy springs are particularly interesting as they are more durable and flexible. These are used in Sealy’s Hybrid line and in Stearn & Foster’s American models.

2. Buying a memory foam mattress online is a great choice, but they have many qualities, which not only depend on their density, although this is the main factor that influences the lifespan of a mattress. On the market, you can find cheap memory foam mattresses, budget mattresses and outlet mattresses. Most of these are vacuum-packed and rolled up to reduce transportation costs. Even though they don’t last as long, they are practical for occasionally used extra beds, folding beds or trundle beds. At MiColchón, you will find quality memory foam mattresses at the best prices, from Tempur to memory foam treated with vegetable oils and patented memory foams such as Nessen’s Memoryvis. For a cooler sleep, we can also offer mattresses that combine memory foam and gel, which are ideal for people who get hot at night. If you come to try them out, you will notice at first touch that the mattress is at least 2 or 3 degrees below room temperature.

Graphite memory foam mattresses are a new trend. These models combine the adaptability of memory foam with the benefits of graphite. Their high thermal conductivity is able to dispel that heat sensation that memory foam mattresses can have. In any case, remember that memory foam does not give off heat by itself, but as it adapts to the body it has a greater support surface, and that is what can generate a sensation of heat. Graphite helps dispel some of that heat. In addition to its great elasticity, graphite, which is an allotropic form of carbon, has been incorporated into the world of sleep to improve our comfort.

3. Buying a latex mattress has not gone out of fashion. There are many enthusiasts of natural and synthetic latex as it is a cosy material that makes it possible to create mattresses with areas of varying firmness, depending on the part of the body, mainly differentiating between shoulders, the lumbar area and legs.

Natural latex or 100% latex comes from the rubber tree, from its sap (the Hevea tree), and its properties have revolutionised the sleep sector due to its elasticity, adaptability and non-deformability, which makes it ideal for use in adjustable beds, for example.

At MiColchón, you can find TALALAY Latex, from the Spanish company Dorwin, which belongs to the Flex group. This latex offers mattresses that are lighter, softer and more adaptable.

3. Luxury and artisan mattresses. After opening our store in Malaga’s El Viso in 2016, MiColchón became the European model in sleep. And we say that with pride and gratitude because it has revolutionised the sector with a display area covering more than 2,000 m2 which brings ALL THE PRODUCT RANGES that you need to know about for your sleep under one roof. These include beds manufactured with artisan and natural materials. Tradition, expert hands, select, exclusive products, natural top-quality premium materials. But the sensation of sleeping in a natural bed cannot be explained with words... Come and see!! We invite you to arrange a private appointment in which you can discover and explore this experience, which will change your sleep forever.

How should I choose my mattress? Basic sleep guide.

1. How do you sleep?

Your sleep posture also impacts your choice of mattress and, above all, your pillow. Whether you sleep on your back or side, there are many options for comfort and at MiColchón you can try out pillows made out of all kinds of materials (memory foam pillows, latex and fibre pillows), of all different heights and degrees of firmness as well as ergonomic and cervical pillows.

2. Think about the whole set.

We have talked a lot about a “sleep kit” because we shouldn’t just think about the mattress, but the whole set. Every item will bring benefits to your sleep, working together for a healthy rest.

We will therefore need to bear in mind the base that your mattress will sit on. If you choose a memory foam mattress, you will need a breathable base (with bed slats or upholstered in three-dimensional 3D fabric, which lets the air circulate freely while you move). If you choose an adjustable bed, you will need to take into consideration what the mattress permits. However, never use bed slats for a pocket spring mattress, as the springs will only find support in parts of the mattress. We will advise you on the ideal base so that it complements your mattress, providing firmness or adaptability, depending on what you need.

A pillow is another key item for your sleep, as buying the perfect pillow will let you sleep in the right position, with the spine and cervical vertebrae properly aligned. We have already mentioned that there are many kinds of pillows which vary according to their stuffing, height, firmness or shape.

Last, but not least, we mustn’t forget the covers and/or protectors, the final touch. A waterproof protector will be essential for the youngest in the house, and if it is breathable we can increase the lifespan of a memory foam mattress, for example. But did you know that there are also thermo-regulating mattress and pillow protectors to refresh you as you sleep? Come and see us or call us. We take everything into consideration so that you and your loved ones sleep perfectly. A deep, restorative sleep will help you perform better at work, in your studies... in life.

3. Guarantees.

3.1 Manufacturer Guarantees. Our range of products is high-quality, with leading firms in the world of sleep. That is why we count on firms that even offer lifetime guarantees. Check the guarantees that each manufacturer offers on our website.

3.2 MiColchón exclusive EXTRA guarantees 

3.3 10 year guarantee for hydraulic systems in all our ottoman storage beds. You won’t need to worry about using your ottoman storage bed. If it doesn’t open correctly, we will replace the hydraulic system FREE.

3.4 An extra 2 year guarantee for all our sofas. We are so sure that we are offering quality sofas that we extend the manufacturer guarantee and double it!

3.5 Satisfaction guarantee: if there is an incident with any of our products, you just need to call us. We take on the responsibility of analysing the problem and solving it, either directly or by mediating with the manufacturer for you. With efficiency and trust, we think about you.

3.6 Choose to buy online or in our physical stores: At MiColchón you can buy your mattress directly on our website, but you can also come and try everything in our physical stores, which are strategically located around the province of Malaga.

3.7 Customised service: finally, we would like to highlight our team of professionals who will serve you and take care of everything you need. We’re not going to “deal with you” or “sell to you”. We want to advise you so that you get the best sleep at the best price. We want you to come back and talk about us. Our company philosophy is aimed at your satisfaction.

What type of mattresses are there and how are they different?

When it comes to buying a mattress, there is a wide variety of mattresses and it is often hard to differentiate between them. To help you in your search, Micolchón provides a technical, but clear and simple explanation for each one:

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses copy the shape of the body like a mould. As a result, pressure is distributed evenly for the whole body, preventing pressure areas that hinder circulation.

Memory foam material consists of open cells, allowing for good air circulation. It is a temperature sensitive foam and is very adaptable. It reacts by sinking more when heat is applied (body heat) and becomes firm with the cold.

Any mattress can be used on both sides, but for memory foam mattresses it is best to sleep only on the memory foam side so that you get the most out of all its benefits. The better the fabric and the better treated it is, the more benefits the mattress will offer.

Memory foam mattresses usually offer a high degree of adaptability (the more memory foam, the more adaptable) and average firmness, but each model offers different features depending on the type of material, density and make-up of the mattress.

Having more memory foam or less does not mean that a mattress is better than another. It just means that it offers different sensations.

Generally speaking, these kinds of mattresses come with a wider high resilience (HR) foam underlayer that acts as a support for the core and maintains the firmness of the whole mattress, but it can also be combined with other components, such as springs.

Latex Mattresses

The latex is made from the resin of a rubber tree called Hevea Brasiliensis that mainly grows in Asia. The amount of latex in mattresses can vary from 20% natural latex to 97%. The rest is synthetic latex foam.

A good latex mattress must have five or more different firmness areas that allow it to properly adapt to the body. It should also have antibacterial treatments and the stuffing must be hypoallergenic.

Regardless of the pressure exerted, the mattress returns to its original state without becoming misshapen.    

Unlike memory foam mattresses, latex is a very comfortable material but it does not adapt to the body by making an exact mould, as memory foam does.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses consist of a material called polyurethane or polyester. The different kinds of foam mattresses differ depending on the density of the foam, the quality of it and the height of the mattress. The denser, the better the quality and strength of the mattress, and the more layers of foam in different densities, the more height and firmness.

The inside of foam mattresses is made up of different areas of firmness that adapt to each area of the body, several air channels and, in some cases, each side has a different firmness. They are firm, though not as firm as a spring mattress, but they maintain the touch, adaptability and softness of quality foams.

They provide firm, ergonomic sleep that varies according to the type of foam, and the combination of this material with memory foam provides the best result.

These mattresses are usually used for second homes and occasional stays, as foam is not as adaptable as other materials.

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses are the most common. They offer a high degree of traditional firmness combined with the flexibility of the block of springs. The spring frame is the heart of the mattress and is what guarantees good support and durability. A sheet of polyurethane foam can be added to it, and it is made of springs of steel wire that are fixed to a steel outline bar and sewn to different designs of cotton covers. Foam corner pieces are fitted into the corners for greater consistency.

They have different degrees of firmness depending on the type of spring used, but generally speaking, they have good levels of cushioning and elasticity (which are key for good sleep).

They need to be accompanied with several layers of cushioning (textile, polyether, HR, etc. of higher or lower quality and effectiveness depending on the range and model) to protect against the hardness of the spring.

Even though these kinds of mattresses are usually very breathable and hygienic, they can benefit from an additional treatment, such as thermo-regulating properties.

There are different variants, depending on the configuration of the springs, as they can be pocket springs or open coil springs.

Open coil or Bonnell springs: these come in the shape of a double cone and adapt better to the different parts of the body.

Pocket or cylinder springs: these come in the shape of a cylinder and are individually sealed in pockets to prevent any annoying noises from the springs rubbing against each other. They distribute weight better and give more firmness to the mattress, which is healthier for sleep. 

Pocket springs allow the different sides of the bed to act independently of one another without transferring movement, and they are very strong due to the fact that they are inside a pocket, with each one sewn individually. (These mattresses must go on an upholstered bed base or upholstered ottoman storage bed, NEVER ON A BED FRAME WITH SLATS, as the springs can break.)

The number of springs is important, as the more springs per square metre, the more support for your body. Hardness in the mattress is obtained by changing the diameter of the steel wire without reducing the number of springs.

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