At MiColchón, we are distributors of AKVA waterbeds, a Danish brand that manufactures the entire waterbed in Denmark with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Waterbeds are the best sleep system for muscles and the back. The entire surface of the body in water avoids pressure completely, unlike foams or springs that compress. Additionally, waterbeds are suitable for any type of person, regardless of weight or size, as it adapts to each person based on the amount of water.

Discover AKVA waterbeds, a rest equipment designed to provide a holistic rest that simultaneously aim for the relief of body and mind, achieving deeper and uninterrupted sleep cycles. The water mattresses are manufactured on high quality materials, with Danish production and innovative technology. For this reason, each model is designed with comfort and well - being in mind. The waterbed adapts perfectly to your body, preventing pressure points and supports you in any position through the application of different levels of stabilization for optimal lumbar support. Definitely, waterbeds contribute to achieve a healthy and fulfilling rest by a unique pressure relief, transforming your nights into an unparalleled sleep experience.


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