Relax Armchairs with Heart Relief System

If you want to fully enjoy your best moments of relaxation, we offer a diverse range of relaxation armchairs. We have the best manual and motorized systems, but do you know the exclusive "Heart Relief" system?

Armchairs with the HEART RELIEF system are designed to allow you to adopt not only a relaxing but also a healthy posture.

Indeed, this system, also known as "Zero Gravity," reclines you in a way that elevates your legs above the heart. This enables you to relax while promoting and improving your blood circulation, with all the associated health benefits.

Enjoy the throne you deserve and optimize your rest and relaxation time. We provide non-binding advice to ensure you make the right choice for your ideal armchair.

Armchairs designed and manufactured with your health in mind, available at all our stores. Get informed now!

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