Stressless relax armchairs and sofas



A Stressless® armchair is a high-precision piece that achieves the perfect balance between softness and support. Enjoying a Stressless® armchair is a unique experience because it speaks the same language as your body.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our showrooms. We have the best and most diverse displays, so if you want to buy a Stressless® armchair, we suggest you enjoy our relaxation spaces. Recline in a Stressless® armchair and enjoy it your way. You will find a Stressless® design that fits perfectly with the style or ambiance you want to create in your home. Moreover, you can personalize each piece by choosing the materials, colors, and details you desire.


More than 50 years of innovative thinking. The Stressless® armchair was born on the west coast of Norway, specifically in Sykkylven. Jens Ekornes founded the company in 1934, crafting furniture by hand.

That is the Stressless® philosophy that has come down to us, combining artisanal craftsmanship with the most sophisticated technology in the manufacturing of their sofas and armchairs.


The experience of trying a Stressless® armchair or sofa is unique, and they are so comfortable due to their patented comfort technologies that adapt to our bodies from head to toe.

Discover the comfort technologies of BalanceAdapt®, the PowerPlus® system, and the Glide® system.

Plus® System in Armchairs  - Your armchair follows your movements, providing optimal support for the head and lumbar region.

Sofas with Plus® System - Sit or lie down, and the comfort will be maximum, and its function for sleeping is controlled with one hand.

Electric Armchair - The Power system allows you to adjust the footrest and the angle of the backrest with the touch of a single button.

Electric heating and massage - The details that make a difference, comfort taken to the extreme.


If you have ever had a truly comfortable armchair, you will know that it quickly becomes the most popular piece of furniture in your living room or sitting area. Relax after a long day of work or enjoy a well-deserved morning of relaxation. Read, watch television, chat, or even spend some extra work hours—your Stressless® armchair will adapt to your needs and, most importantly, to your body and natural movements. 

How do you choose your ideal Stressless® armchair? Visit us, and our advisors will guide you through the process: 

• Select the size that suits your physique. 

• Choose the armchair design that best fits your style, whether it's low or high back for personalized comfort. 

• Decide if you prefer a leather or fabric finish. Remember that at MiColchón, we offer the finest Italian and Spanish leather and the most advanced stain-resistant fabrics. 

• Select the base for your armchair: Classic, Signature, Star, or Home Office. 

• Finally, add the accessory or feature you prefer, such as an electric system, heating, or massage.


Whether fun, elegant, or eye-catching, you will always find a Stressless® sofa design that perfectly fits the ambiance you want to create in your living room or space. Moreover, all Stressless® sofas can be personalized with the materials, colors, and details of your choice. Add functionality based on decades of research to provide the best comfort experience, and you will have your guaranteed moment of relaxation. 

At MiColchón, we customize your made-to-measure Stressless® sofa with you. Combine the modular sofa system with manual or motorized seats, choose the finish, and select the seats available in two sizes... everything you can imagine, you can enjoy it at home. 

Are you ready to try your Stressless® armchair or sofa? Don't hesitate any longer, visit our showrooms, enjoy the personalized advice of our experts, and experience your home like you never imagined.


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