Ottoman Storage Beds

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Did you know that the Ottoman Storage Bed is a Spanish invention? 

The need for space in homes has turned this piece of furniture into a must-have for your room. However, a canapé has a wide range of functions, taking into account that it is the support for your mattress, so it’ll also have an effect on how comfortable your bed is.


Ottoman Storage Beds are mainly used as a way to get some extra space into your bedroom, to store blankets or bedding; you can even choose different finishes, with drawers or shoe rack. Take a good look at the bottom of the Ottoman Storage Bed to see if it suits your needs.


However, the Ottoman Storage Bed is also a designer piece, which you can customise to match your room, with a wide range of upholstery and wood options as well as hundreds of colours and textures. At MiColchón®, you can configure everything you need for a good night’s sleep and combine it with headboards and beds.


Your Ottoman Storage Bed also affects how comfortable your mattress will be, being able to choose the cover according to the adaptability and firmness sought, upholstered in breathable 3D fabric, or with slats, but always reinforced, because, at MiColchón®, we strive for durability and a good return on your investment.


All our Ottoman Storage Beds are MADE IN SPAIN from renowned firms with an extensive track record. We select the best manufacturers so that you can get your hands on a quality, robust and durable piece of equipment, with the best raw materials, the best woods and fabrics. We’re talking about crossbeams, floors and structures designed to create a canapé for life.


At MiColchón®, we stand out from the rest for our professional service, with our own drivers and assemblers and specialists in sleep products. What’s more, our guarantees are second to none. Remember that all our Ottoman Storage Beds have a 10-year warranty on the opening systems. If your Ottoman Storage Bed does not open, we will replace the hydraulic piston system at no cost and with no hassle!


Check the access to your home and your room itself because, depending on the size of your Ottoman Storage Bed, we offer “split” drawers and lids, in other words, in two pieces, so that there are no problems when it comes to access and assembly.

Choose the type of opening depending on your needs: standard opening, with handles on the footboard; side opening, depending on the location of the Ottoman Storage Bed in the room or even horizontal opening, which allows you to make the bed without having to bend down, saving you some effort. You can also add a motorised opening system to your Ottoman Storage Bed, the most comfortable way to open your canapé.

Your Ottoman Storage Bed can have different floor finishes: watertight to the floor, to prevent dust build-up underneath, or with legs. Remember that we have Ottoman Storage Bed with special heights so your Roomba or Conga robot vacuum cleaner can get underneath.

Enjoy choosing the style of your Ottoman Storage Bed. Decide whether you’d like it upholstered or in wood, and then choose from dozens of colours and textures. Combine it with your headboard or bed, for an incredible place to sleep.

Choose the lid according to the level of comfort sought and that best complements your mattress, because, depending on the base, it will be more or less firm or adaptable.

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