Aquaclean Sofas

As specialists, MiColchón Sofas & Beds offers the best stain-resistant fabric. Experience with us the features of Aquaclean sofas and Acualine sofas.

Are you familiar with Aquaclean technology? Aquaclean and Acualine are treatments that are revolutionizing the upholstery world, making it possible to clean any stain on the sofa using just a bit of water. Wine, sauces, chocolate, mud... are some of the stains you can easily get rid of with Aquaclean fabric, making sofa maintenance very simple and quick.

In our premium range, Nessen Interiors, we offer you the best stain-resistant fabric sofas. Visit our showrooms, and you'll be amazed at the wide variety of stain-resistant fabrics available for your home or space. Different textures, patterns, finishes... we await you at the #SofaExperience by MiColchón to provide you with the best sofa featuring the finest stain-resistant fabric.


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