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At MiColchón we put 40 years of experience in the sleep industry at your disposal.

Why buy at MiColchón? +
We know what you need because we have been attending and advising on sleep for 40 years, since we opened our first store, Colchonería El Palo, in the iconic Malaga neighborhood. During this time, we have faced all types of personal cases, and it is this direct contact with the customer and knowledge of the product that sets us apart and makes us leaders in our region. We have mattress stores in Málaga, Torre del Mar and Fuengirola, including the largest sleep center in Europe, a reference in the sleep sector, with more than 2,000 square meters of exhibition. A great center concept that we will export to the rest of Spain. Our next challenge is to create the largest mattress store in Seville, planned for 2019. In addition, our team is constantly trained and learning, so we can assure you that you will receive personalized, professional and effective attention.
How to choose my mattress? Basic rest guide +
The importance of getting it right
We have to address the topic, because it's a reality, we spend a third of our life sleeping. Do you give importance to your sleep in that proportion? If you've slept well, you wake up with better appearance, better mood, with humor and active. Do you believe that your sleep influences your health? Well, we don't have to convince you of anything. Be concerned about a quality sleep and it will change your life. At MiColchón, we don't just "sell" mattresses, but we work with you to find your ideal sleep equipment, the one that is suitable for your physique, age, health, and use. It's not the same to sleep with a partner than alone. Nor is the same mattress the one you will acquire for a second home than the one you want for daily use... There are many aspects to consider when buying your sleep equipment, but we are here to help you.
Can I trust cheap mattresses? +
A cheap mattress is one that has a lower price than normal. The important thing is to distinguish why it is cheap. It is not necessarily incompatible with a quality mattress. At MiColchón, your mattress will always be cheap because we have constant offers and promotions on sleep thanks to our volume of purchase. And they will always be quality mattresses because we only sell products made in Europe or from prestigious international brands. In addition, with MiColchón your sleep is guaranteed with its double warranty, the manufacturer's and ours. If you are not satisfied with your sleep, WE RESPOND. Our guarantee is already more than 300,000 satisfied customers. Our sales volume has made us leaders in Andalusia, and our experience and track record allows us to be considered SPECIALISTS by the best brands in the world. Flex, Relax or Magister make us exclusive mattresses, and firms of recognized prestige such as Tempur or Stressless trust their largest exhibitions in Spain to MiColchón Stores. In addition, artisanal and luxury brands such as Hästens, Treca Interiors Paris or Vispring have also trusted MiColchón not only to exhibit their beds, but also to offer real experiences.

Differences between rolled mattress and inflatable or air mattress
We would like to clarify that a rolled mattress is a vacuum-packed mattress, simply. However, they are usually technical foam mattresses, as middle or high-end mattresses could not have this treatment due to having a higher number of layers of material. They would be deformed and damaged. Rolled mattresses are more economical or cheaper because their packaging saves space and results in savings in transportation. And because they are not very elaborate or complex, they have few layers of material. However, they are very useful for unexpected visitors, spare beds, folding beds, or for the lower parts of a bunk bed or nest bed, which are often more exceptional use. Inflatable or air mattresses are not products that meet the needs of a quality rest. Inflatable mattresses are usually imported and intended for very occasional use. We don't work with them in MiColchón

We know your mattress whatever your ailment may be.


If you want to request an appointment at one of our stores with our qualified staff, or if you need us to call you to clarify a doubt, leave us your information and we will contact you as soon as possible. Or if you prefer, you can call us at the phone number we provide. 951 555 155

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