The living room is one of the parts of the house where we spend the most time, and without a doubt, its main element is the sofa. We spend so many hours watching movies, taking a nap, or simply enjoying time with our family and friends. If you want to give your living room a fresh look, Nessen Interiors is our new specialized upholstery range. We are searching for the ultimate #SofaExperience, the perfect sofa that fits every home, every family, every individual.

Nessen Interiors is our specialized line in quality and design. Discover the wide variety of products we offer: sofas upholstered in the finest Italian leather, stain-resistant fabrics, Italian designer sofas with top-notch technologies, and custom-made options.

We offer unique products in Andalusia; you won't find anything like it. You have the opportunity to personalize your sofa just the way you prefer – color, upholstery, size, motors, and much more.

Visit us, and our advisors will help you find the perfect composition for your space. Mix environments with 2-seater sofas, three-seaters, or chaise longue sofas, and add a personal touch to your area.

Nessen Interiors is the result of over 40 years of experience. It's the #SofaExperience by MiColchón, leaders in rest and the sale of sofas and armchairs in the provinces of Málaga and Granada. With its opening, we have achieved a dream, which was none other than gathering the most spectacular armchairs and sofas from Europe in our showrooms, where you can purchase the sofa that best suits your needs.

Don't hesitate to visit your nearest MiColchón store and explore the Nessen Interiors showrooms. You'll be able to try out the most comfortable and elegant sofas and armchairs from Europe.

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