Leather Sofas

If you're a leather enthusiast, at MiColchón Sofas & Beds, we offer you sofas made with the finest Italian leather. An elegant, durable universe filled with textures and colors for you to enjoy the true #SofaExperience from MiColchón.

We are true specialists in designer sofas, offering high-quality modern sofas. That's why our reclining sofas are upholstered with the finest Italian leather. The less a leather is rectified, the more natural, breathable, and flexible it becomes. That's why the leathers we work with are minimally treated to preserve their quality as much as possible.

You've probably sat on a leather sofa in the summer and felt like you were sticking to it or experienced a chilly sensation in the winter. Well, with the leather used by our brand Nessen, you'll never have that problem.

In Nessen Interiors, our premium upholstery range, you'll find your dream sofa with the finest Italian leather, available in a wide variety of colors and textures to perfectly match your style and decor. Discover the exciting #SofaExperience by MiColchón.


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