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Most people give very little thought to their mattress; however, they are extremely important. How we perform in our day-to-day life can come down to the kind of mattress we have, among many other things, such as our health, our mood, etc. so, getting a good night’s sleep is the best beauty treatment there is.

At MiColchón®, we have the widest selection of mattresses, the best memory foam, latex, HR (High Resilience), traditional spring or pocket/bagged spring mattresses... bespoke and for all tastes of comfort and firmness.

Should you have any doubts or questions about the most suitable mattress for your needs, get in touch with your mattressologist who will be happy to help.

This is our selection of products. Remember to filter by size, brand, price, material or firmness to easily find the mattress you are looking for.

This is our selection of products. Remember to filter by size, brand, price, material or firmness to easily find the mattress you are looking for.


Do you sell mattresses made from natural products? +
At MICOLCHÓN, we’re specialists in natural products; in fact, in Malaga, we have Europe’s largest selection of artisan beds made with natural raw materials such as linen, silk, cotton or cashmere. Mother Nature provides us with the best raw materials, with exceptional and unique properties. The world’s best companies produce their sleep products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. There is horsehair, at the heart of the Century beds, which, due to its flexibility, optimises the springs while providing a unique ventilation system. However, we can also boast about the properties of cotton, soft, strong, fresh and dry, or linen, durable, flexible and with one very important property; it prevents static electricity. Come try out these products for yourself, touch them and feel them at NESSEN INTERIORS, our Premium bed showroom in Malaga, Av. Los Vegas 62. Or if you prefer, you can easily buy any of our mattresses online with complete peace of mind. Check out our extensive catalogue of mattresses online.
Which is better, a one-sided or double-sided mattress? +
There are single-sided mattresses that only require turning from head to toe for maintenance. In these models, the mattress has greater reinforcement at the base and there is only one comfortable side. Double-sided mattresses or mattresses with two sides that can be used usually have a winter side and a summer side. This type requires rotating and turning it over. However, we’d like to clarify that there is no link between the usability of the sides and the comfort or quality of the mattress. Your ideal mattress is the one that best adapts to you and the way you sleep. Maintenance will be different, however, the best will always be the most comfortable for you, the one that gives you the most restorative and pleasant sleep.
Are there mattresses for every ache? +
As a matter of fact, at MiColchón, we’re the real specialists in back problems and the most suitable mattress for each and every one of them. We’re mattressologists, because we have more than 40 years’ experience (and counting) collaborating with Spain’s best physiotherapists. Do you spend hours on end working standing up or sitting down? Are you an athlete? Have you had any back problem diagnosed? At MiColchón, we know what mattress you need. I am allergic to several substances and have had reactions to several mattresses, what would you recommend? In these cases, we always recommend mattresses with 100% hypoallergenic and biodegradable natural upholstery materials. The vast majority of our products are OEKO-TEK® Series 1-certified, the strictest certification in its field, proving that the product in question has undergone the latest and most advanced allergy treatments. We also have bed linen, mattress protectors and pillows that have been awarded this certificate, as well as made from 100% natural materials, offering you a well-rounded, hypoallergenic and ecological sleep system. Ask our mattressologists about our range of products for allergy sufferers.
How do I care for my mattress? +
The durability of a mattress, just like anything else, depends on its quality. In any case, when it comes to mid-range mattresses and upwards, the useful life is roughly 10 years, or at least that is what ASOCAMA, the Spanish Society of Bedding, recommends. A famous advertising campaign advised us that “If your mattress is more than 10 years old, you don't have a mattress”. Looking after your mattress is key, and should be done in line with the manufacturer's recommendations in its user manual or warranty. Another important aspect to take into account when talking about mattress replacement is the hygienic factor. Although all mattresses have anti-mite, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatments, which are applied in the manufacturing process, they tend to become weaker over time.
How do you clean a mattress?
The inside of a mattress is extremely delicate. Our mattress needs to be protected to prevent stains, dampness, mildew, etc. At MiColchón, we have very effective protectors that cover any need; breathable, thermo-regulating, waterproof and even padded.


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