Nightland Tokio Adjustable Bed Frame

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Nightland Tokio Adjustable Bed Frame
Combines maximum comfort with elegance.

A personalized and comfortable rest at a spectacular price.

With 4 articulated planes by a double motor and firmness regulators in the lumbar area.

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Tailored
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  • White
  • Wengue
  • Nogal

Product Details

Ideal for
Springless mattresses.
Structure in DM with melamine coating + Bed in steel tube 30x20 mm + 12 natural beech wood slats + Wide slat + 16 elastomer plugs + Triple row of oscillating butterfly bolts.
Legs INCLUDED: Set of round metal legs or legs finished with the same wood as the frame.


Articulated Bed Frame Structure

  • High impact resistance and optimal durability.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Reinforced bed frame for optimal performance.
  • Reinforced and high-resistance articulated planes to support weight when the foot plane is elevated.
  • Wood finish, creating a modern, warm, and home-integrating effect.
  • Structure in DM with 180x25cm melamine coating.
  • Available in two colors, Walnut and Wenge.

Articulated Bed Mattress

  • Mattress in 30x20 mm steel tube enameled in thermo-hardened epoxy paint.
  • 22 natural beech wood veneer flexible slats, coated in aluminum paper.
  • Beech wood slats are of higher quality and resistance, better able to withstand moisture and weight.
  • Slats mounted on double oscillating Hytrel supports, offering great elasticity and resistance to deformation. Allows the slats to adapt to different body weights.
  • Wide slat with ergonomic design machined so that the mattress does not deform in the headboard.
  • Five planes articulated by double motor with wireless control. Fixed lumbar plane, which in turn incorporates double slat, and special cursors for firmness regulation.
  • The firmness regulators, by moving them through the slats, allow us to vary the firmness. By moving the cursors away from each other, firmness increases, and by bringing them closer, personalised adaptability is achieved.
  • INCLUDED leg set, in beech wood or metal.

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