Adjustable Nightland Naomi Bed Frame

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Adjustable Nightland Naomi Bed Frame
The most personalised and high quality sleep.

Your adjustable and effective sleep. It consists of 5 planes adjustable by a double motor controlled by a wireless remote control. 

Choose the best position effortlessly, and enjoy its back support system, which adapts to you and relieves pressure points.

  • 3 Years Warranty
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50x20 mm Steel tube structure + 30x20 mm Steel tube bed + 16 natural beech plywood slats + Wide slat with ergonomic design + Oscillating butterflies + Legs included.
Legs INCLUDED: Round metal leg, screw-on, 25 cm high.


Adjustable bed frame structure:

  • High impact resistance and optimum durability.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Reinforced bed frame for increased durability.
  • Reinforced, high-strength hinge planes to support the weight when the hinge plane of the feet is elevated.
  • Steel tube structure 50x20 mm enamelled in thermosetting epoxy paint.   

Adjustable bed frame:

  • Bed in steel tube 30x20 mm enamelled in thermosetting epoxy paint.
  • 20 slats in natural beech wood, flexible plywood with aluminium foil coating.
  • The beech wood slats are of higher quality and resistance. They withstand moisture and weight better.
  • Double oscillating Hytrel slats on a Hytrel support, which offer great elasticity and resistance to deformation. They allow the slats to adapt to the different weights of different body parts.
  • Wide slat with an ergonomic design, mechanised so that the mattress does not become deformed at the headboard.
  • Oscillating butterflies, with SSIL back support system, which allows them to quickly adjust to a new position, making the sleep more comfortable.
  • Five adjustable planes by dual motor with wireless control. Fixed lower back plane, which in turn incorporates double slats and special sliders for firmness adjustment.
  • The sliders, when moved across the slats, allow us to vary the firmness. Moving the sliders away from each other provides more firmness, moving them closer together provides more adjustability.
  • Metal leg set.

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