Tempur Static Bed Frame

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Tempur Static Bed Frame
Tempur Static Bed Frame
Tempur Static Bed Frame
Tempur Static Bed Frame
Tempur Static Bed Frame
Tempur Static Bed Frame
Very sturdy slatted bed frame for people that weigh up to 120 kg.

Exclusive bed frame with independent tilt and turn slats, with maximum adaptability and breathability.

With DSS (Dynamic Slat System) technology in the shoulder area to increase flexibility and adaptability and TPS (Premium Adjustable Springs) system to regulate the firmness of each plate (Soft, Medium or Hard).

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Tailored financing

Product Details

Ideal for
Mattresses WITHOUT springs, such as memory foam or latex.
DSS (Dynamic Slat System) technology in the shoulder area + TPS system (Premium Adjustable Springs)
Designed legs, available in two heights (25 or 29 cm). Choice of rounded or square face finish.


Features of the STATIC BED FRAME

The STATIC bed frame is the perfect bed frame to combine with a TEMPUR mattress as it offers great flexibility and the possibility to customise the firmness of the individual support elements. What’s more, the three slats with different coloured plates that match the shoulder area are placed on springs to help relieve pressure in the shoulder area even more.

TEMPUR bed frames are very strong, as each bed can be used by someone weighing up to 120 kilos.

New plate design

The new plates, both in the shoulder area and in the rest of the bed frame, allow a better ventilation of the lower part of the mattress by offering a smaller contact surface with the mattress thanks to their helical design. What’s more, with the individual adjustment system for each plate, there is no longer any need to use firming pieces. By simply turning the central disc, the firmness of the plate can be increased or decreased. For greater stability of each tilt-and-turn element, the slat fastening system consists of four arms.

When a person sleeps on their side, the mattress must be able to adapt in such a way that the user does not feel any pressure on their shoulders and the rest of their body lies in an anatomically correct and relaxed position. This means that the bed frame must also be able to adapt to cushion the deformation of the mattress. For this reason, the slats in the shoulder area have been placed on springs for additional flexibility.

Legs for the STATIC model by Tempur

The designed legs for the STATIC and MATIC bed frames, available in two heights (25 or 29 cm), can be positioned in two ways depending on the style of the room or bed. They have a rounded side and a square side.


The frame comes with a 10-year guarantee while other parts and accessories have a 3-year guarantee.

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