From our beginnings as Colchonería El Palo until becoming a chain of MI COLCHÓN sleep specialist stores, this well-known Málaga company has evolved, and even revolutionized the sleep industry. Our 30+ years of experience in the sector with progress and a fundamental goal: offer the most adequate and reparative rest for our customers. Now, MI COLCHÓN is a leader in the province of Málaga, and, thanks to this renovated website, distributes its products to any point of the peninsula.

The thousands of satisfied customers in the province of Málaga are now joined by customers from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and especially A Coruña.

Our specialization makes a difference: MI COLCHÓN continues by displaying at its stores the greatest variety of products in the market, with a catalogue of mattresses to meet every need. We keep in mind the tastes, ages and physical constitution of our customers, for whom there are always personalized solutions, even for those who suffer from some type of pain such as cervical problems, back pain, spondylitis, scoliosis or others.

A full team of sleep experts is available to you.