Why buy my mattress at MiColchón?

    • Experience. We know what you need because we have been assisting and advising people on the world of sleep for 40 years since we opened our first store, Colchonería El Palo, in the emblematic El Palo neighborhood of Malaga.
      During this time, we have come across all kinds of personal situations, and it is this direct contact with the client and our knowledge of the product that differentiates us and makes us leaders in our region.
      We have mattress stores in Malaga, Torre del Mar and Fuengirola, among which is the largest sleep center in Europe, a benchmark in the sleep and rest industry, with more than 2,000 m2 of exhibition space. A large-center concept we will be exporting the rest of Spain. Our next challenge is to create the largest mattress store in Seville, scheduled for 2019.

    • Training. And if we add to the experience a human team undergoing constant training and learning, we can assure you that you will receive personalized, professional and efficient attention. Prestigious physiotherapists, such as Romualdo Castillo, have passed through our company to train us on the main back ailments affecting people. We know what mattress is suitable for people diagnosed with scoliosis, what firmness a mattress requires for people with fibromyalgia, the best mattress for low back pain or the best pillow for cervical problems, and we will even advise you on which is the best sleeping position with your type of ailment.

    • From professional to professional. Our specialization in the world of sleep is top-notch. We offer solutions and product lines specially designed for professionals of the HOTELS, GERIATRICS or interior DECORATION sectors. We have the best mattresses and pillows for hotels, with our exclusive and patented double-duration system, and carry out contract projects for hotels and offer solutions for geriatrics and individuals, with our anti-decubitus ulcer mattresses, technical aids, articulated beds and lift carts and other items that improve the quality of life of our elders or convalescing people and their relatives and caregivers. And to the world of interior design and decoration lovers, we bring you the most important VIP and Premium brands in the world, luxury mattresses and haute couture. Residents of Marbella or Calahonda find the best exhibitions from these firms in our stores including Hästens Málaga (official Shop in Shop in Málaga), Vispring (Official Boutique in Málaga), Treca Interiors Paris or Tempur Store Málaga.

    • Service. Our commitment to you does not end with the selection of the best mattress. It continues with an agile and professional service, with exclusive carriers that know the products to perfection and with an after-sales service that will solve any incident. Your satisfaction is our priority.

    • Warranty. Our mattresses and rest products have been manufactured in Spain, Europe and the USA meeting the most demanding quality standards and in accordance with current legislation. In addition, we work with the best brands in the world. We add MiColchón’s own warranty to the manufacturer's warranty, allowing us to quickly to solve any problem, doubt or query about your purchase and mediate with the manufacturer if necessary. We respond and get involved with our clients.

    • Offers and promotions... If you want deals on mattresses, mattresses at the best price, cheap mattresses, quality mattresses and of course, luxury mattresses ... we have everything here with a clear commitment: we improve any quotation.

      • The best brands in the world. We are the chain specializing in rest and sleep offering the largest variety of mattress brands and multi-brand centers for you to choose which mattress to buy:

          • Spain:: Flex mattresses, Relax mattresses, Magister mattresses, Aspol mattresses, Nessen mattresses. We work with prestigious manufacturers in all materials. Specialists in springs, such as Flex, with its Multielástic or the pocketed/bagged springs of its Pocket Infinity range; Aspol provides its Phisiotec version; Magister allows us to customize the firmness of your side of the bed and are the inventors of the trundle bed; and Nessen, MiColchón’s commitment to design the most comfortable mattresses in the world, beds that are the result of our experience and knowledge in the sector, with 12 years’ warranty and 100 test nights.
            Spain also has the leading massage armchair brands in the world. Buy your Keyton relax armchair, combining Japanese technology with high quality leather upholstery and Spanish design.
          • American: We have the largest exclusive range of American mattresses. Live the American dream with Stearns & Foster mattresses, Kluft mattresses, the largest variety of Sealy mattresses and your Hybrid line ... the best beds in the United States can be purchased in the original sizes, King or Queen!
          • United Kingdom: enjoy the reference signature in Great Britain: Vispring mattresses and its Air Spring model exclusively at MiColchón. And as if that were not enough, meet the luxury sofas from Bentley Home, manufactured by the Fendi group with the finest materials in the world of furniture.
          • France:: Know the firm that brought haute couture to the world of sleep? Treca mattresses are on display for you to try out their exceptionally designed collections, such as the Orient Express. Mattresses made by hand, with natural materials such as merino wool, natural silk, mohair, hemp or alpaca.
          • Germany: This great country supplies us with high quality products, such as the Himolla armchairs, the reference brand in power armchairs, with exclusive designs and leather armchairs that help you to achieve the most comfortable relax positions. Or the firm Hukla, if you want to buy a sturdy and durable electric articulated bed, combined with a latex Hukla mattress, viscoelastic mattress or mattress featuring viscographene.
          • Norway: The most comfortable reclining chairs in the world come from Scandinavia. If you want to enjoy an armchair with an exclusive comfort system, you must get yourself a Stressless armchair. Try it you and you will not want another one; its support adapts to your movements and its poufs allow you to rest, watch TV or read in the most comfortable position possible, without putting stress on your cervical vertebrae.
          • Denmark: Tempur is the brand that owns the original patent of the viscoelastic material, created by NASA for its space projects. Tempur mattresses can be found at the best price only at MiColchón. We also commercialize their catalog of Tempur pillows, mattresses and beds. If you want an original viscoelastic mattress, this is your brand.
          • Sweden: Luxury beds and mattresses arrive from the Scandinavian country, the most exclusive range in the world. Since 1852, they have continued with a handcrafting tradition with the most select natural materials, such as horsehair, with unique ventilation properties and allergen-free products, natural cotton, linen or Swedish pine for the structure of their beds. All of the above housed in coils of pocket springs and spiral bi-conic springs to achieve maximum comfort. A true experience in rest.
          • Italy: We also have a line of sofas of Italian design that you will not find anywhere else, due to its originality and beauty, upholstered in premium Italian leather. Visit Nessen Interiors, our Sofa Experience, and discover our range of high-quality furniture, accessories, armchairs and sofas.
          • Belgium: In Nordic countries or in Australia and Canada, sleeping in WATER BEDS is a tradition. At MiColchón, we are distributors of Stretch Top, the leading firm in this front. Those who try them do not change them for anything. They are beds for life. Discover the advantages of sleeping on water, such as full and uniform support of the body or the possibility of having your bed at the temperature you want. Imagine having your warm bed in winter! Did you know that you can also choose the degree of firmness? Water beds are a world to discover, so come and try them!

      • The best mattresses and beds
        At MiColchón, having the best brands in the world means we being abloe to offer you the best materials in the world:
        • You can buy the best spring mattresses, basic ones such as the bonell type, continuous spring mattresses, Multielástic Flex springs, or pocket springs. The latter are those that provide greater adaptability, are individually bagged so that they adapt to the contour of your body and do not transmit movement when you sleep as a couple. Particularly interesting are the titanium alloy springs, which are even more durable and flexible and are used in the Sealy Hybrid line or in the American Stearn & Foster models.
        • Buying a viscoelastic mattress is a great choice, but there are many qualities that not only depend on its density, although the latter mainly influences the useful life of the mattress. We find cheap viscoelastic, low-cost or outlet mattresses in the market. Most are presented as vacuum packed or rolled up to optimize transport costs. Although their durability is less, they are practical for extra beds, folding beds or occasional trundle beds. At MiColchón you will find quality viscoelastic mattresses at the best price, from Tempur materials, to viscoelastic treated with patented vegetable or viscoelastic oils such as the Memoryvis by Nessen. If you are looking for a cooler dream – ideal for warm people – we can also offer mattresses that combine viscoelastic with gel. If you come to try them, you will see that the touch alone gives you the feeling that the mattress is at least 2 or 3 degrees below ambient temperature.
          Viscography mattresses are a new trend. These models combine the adaptability properties of viscoelastic with the benefits of graphene, which, due to its high thermal conductivity, dissipate the sensation of heat that viscoelastic can bring. Remember anyway that viscoelastic does not give out heat on its own, but as it adapts to the body our support surface is greater, which is what can generate a sensation of heat. Graphene helps dissipate some of that heat. In addition to its great elasticity, graphene, which is an allotropic form of carbon, has been incorporated into the world of rest to improve our comfort.
        • Buying a latex mattress has not gone out of style. Latex, natural or synthetic materials has its followers, it is a cozy material that allows creating mattresses with different areas of firmness, depending on the part of our body, differentiating between shoulders, lower back and legs mainly.
          One-hundred percent or natural latex comes from the sap of rubber trees (the Hevea tree), and its properties have revolutionized the rest sector due to its elasticity, adaptability and non-deformability. It is ideal for use in articulated beds, for example.
          At MiColchón, you will find the TALALAY Latex thanks to Spanish firm Dorwin, owned by the Flex group. This latex offers lighter, softer and more adaptable mattresses.
        • Luxury or handcraft mattresses. With the opening in 2016 of our store in El Viso de Málaga, MiColchón has become a European benchmark in the world of sleep. And we say it with pride and gratitude, because it has meant revolutionizing the sector with an exhibition room of more than 2,000 m2 that gathers ALL THE PRODUCT RANGES that you have to consider for your rest under a single sleep center. Among them, handcrafted beds with natural materials. Only at MiColchón Los Vegas will you be able to see and try the 3 most important brands in the world, ALTOGETHER: Hästens, Treca Interiors and Vispring. Tradition, expert hands, select and exclusive products, world-class and natural raw materials. But the feeling of sleeping in a natural bed cannot be explained with words ... We are waiting for you!! We invite you to arrange a private appointment in which to meet and explore this experience that will change your rest forever.

 How must I choose my mattress? Basic sleep guide.

        • The importance of getting it right.
          We have to address the topic because it is a reality. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Do you give importance to your rest in such a proportion? If you have slept well you get up better looking, in a better mood, with humor and active. Do you think your rest influences your health? Yes, we do not have to convince you of anything. Worry about a quality sleep and it will change your life.
        • Depending for whom and for what.
          At MiColchón we do not "dispatch" mattresses. Together with you we look for your ideal rest equipment, the ideal one for your physiognomy, your age, your health, and the use that you are going to give it. Sleeping as a couple is not the same as sleeping alone. And, you will not buy the same mattress for a second home as the one you want for daily use ... There are many aspects to consider when buying your rest equipment, but we are here to help you.
        • How do you sleep?
          Your sleeping position also influences the choice of your mattress and, above all, your pillow. Sleeping face up or sideways are many possibilities when it comes to comfort, and at MiColchón you can try pillows of all kinds of materials (viscoelastic pillows, latex, fiber pillows), of all heights and firmness as well as ergonomic or cervical.
        • Think as a whole.
          We have talked a lot about "rest equipment", because we should not only consider the mattress, but the whole set. Each piece will provide benefits to your rest, working together to achieve a healthy sleep.
          We will then consider the base on which your mattress will rest. If you choose a viscoelastic mattress, you will need a breathable base (made of sheets or upholstered in 3D, a three- dimensional fabric that allows the air to circulate freely while you move). If you choose an articulated bed, you have to take into account that the mattress must allow it. However, in the case of a mattress with bagged springs, we will never put sheets, because the springs would find support only in certain parts. We will effectively advise you on the ideal base for you so as to complement your mattress, providing firmness or adaptability, as you may need.
          The pillow is the other key piece of your rest, because buying the ideal pillow will get you to sleep in the correct position, with the spine and cervical vertebrae properly aligned. We have already commented that there are many types of pillows according to their filling, height, firmness or shape.
          Last but not least, we should not forget the covers and/or overlays, since they are the icing on the cake. A waterproof overlay will be essential for the youngest at home. If in addition it is breathable, for example, we will be increasing the useful life of a viscoelastic mattress. Now, did you know that there are also thermoregulating mattress and pillow cases to refresh your sleep feeling? Come or call us, we will keep all these aspects in mind so that you and yours can sleep perfectly. A deep and restful sleep will help you perform more at work, in studies ... in life.

        • Guarantees.
          • Guarantees. We have a high-quality range of products from leading companies in the world of sleep. That's why we have companies that offer lifetime guarantee. Check our website for the guarantees offered by each manufacturer.
          • MiColchón’s exclusive EXTRA warranty
            • 10-year warranty on our hydraulic systems of all our box springs. You will not have to worry when using your box spring. When the opening fails, we will replace the hydraulic set FOR FREE.
            • 2-year extra warranty in all our sofas. We are so confident we offer quality sofas that we extend the manufacturer's warranty by doubling it!
            • Satisfaction guarantee: If you have an issue with any of our products just call us. We will analyze the problem and solve it, directly or mediating on your behalf with the manufacturer. Efficiency and trust, we care about you.
      • Choose to buy online or at our physical stores:At MiColchón you can buy your mattress directly on our online store, but you can see and try everything in our physical stores, which are strategically located in the province of Malaga.
      • Personalized attention: Lastly, we must highlight the team of professionals who will assist and care about you. We are not going to "dispatch" you or "sell to you". We want to advise you so that you get the best sleep at the best price. We want you to come back and talk about us. Our company philosophy focuses on your satisfaction.

 Can I trust cheap mattresses?

        • A cheap mattress has a lower price than normal. The important thing is to distinguish why it is cheap. It is not necessarily at odds with a quality mattress. At MiColchón, your mattress will always be cheap, because we have constant offers and promotions thanks to our purchase volume. And they will always be quality mattresses because we only market products manufactured in Europe or brands of international prestige. In addition, with MiColchón your rest is assured thanks to its double warranty, that of the manufacturer and ours. If you are not satisfied with your rest, WE’LL RESPOND. We are backed by already more than 300,000 satisfied customers.
        • Our sales volume has made us leaders in Andalusia, and our experience and track record allow us to be considered SPECIALISTS by the best brands in the world. Flex, Relax or Magister make exclusive mattresses for us, and prestigious firms such as Tempur or Stressless entrust their biggest exhibitions in Spain to Tiendas MiColchón. In addition, handcrafted and luxury brands, such as Hästens, Treca Interiors Paris or Vispring have also relied on MiColchón not only to showcase their beds, but also to offer real experiences.
        • Differences between rolled mattress and inflatable or inflatable mattress.
          We would like to clarify that a rolled mattress is a vacuum- packed mattress, that’s it. Of course, these mattresses normally consist of technical foam, as medium to high-end mattresses could not have this treatment as they have more layers of material. They would become deformed and spoil. Rolled mattresses are more economical or cheaper because their packaging saves space and saves on transportation. And since they are not very elaborate or complex products, they have few layers of material. Of course, they are very useful for unexpected visits, extra beds, folding beds or for the lower parts of a kangaroo or trundle bed, whose use is more exceptional.
          MiColchón does not work with inflatable mattresses because they are products that do not respond to the needs of quality rest. Inflatable mattresses are usually imported and are destined for very sporadic use.

 What of mattresses are there and how are they different?

When purchasing a mattress, we find a great variety, and often it is difficult to differentiate them; to make your search Mi Colchón offers a technical but clear and simple explanation of each one:


The viscoelastic mattress molds to the body. Thus, the pressure is distributed uniformly all over the body, avoiding pressure areas that make circulation difficult. Viscoelastic material is formed by open cells and allows good air circulation. The foam is sensitive to temperature and very adaptable, reacting by sinking more on applying heat (body heat) and hardening with the cold. Any mattress can be used on both sides, but with viscoelastic mattresses, it is recommended to sleep only on the viscoelastic side, to take best advantage of its performance. The better the fabric and treatment, the greater performance the mattress offers. Viscoelastic mattresses generally offer a high degree of adaptability (for a higher amount of viscoelastic, greater adaptability) and average firmness, but each model offers characteristics different depending on the type of the material, the density and the composition of the mattress. Having more viscoelastic or less does not mean that one mattress is better than another, but that they offer different sensations. Generally, these types of mattresses come with a thicker lower layer of high density HR foam that serves as support for the nucleus and maintains the overall firmness; it can also be combined with other components such as the springs.



Latex is made from the resin of the rubber tree called Hevea Brasiliensis, which grows mostly in Asia. The amount of latex in the mattresses can vary, from 20% to 97%natural latex; the rest is synthetic latex foam. A good latex mattress must have five or more differentiated firmness zones that allow proper adaptation to the body; it also must have antibacterial treatments and its filling must be hypoallergenic. Independent of the pressure, the mattress returns to its original condition without losing its shape.



Foam mattresses are composed of a material called polyurethane or polyester. The different types of foam mattresses se differentiated by the density of the foam, its quality, and the height of the mattress. The higher the density, the better the quality and resistance of the mattress; more layers of foam of different densities offer best height and best firmness. Foam mattresses are composed inside of different firmness zones adaptable to each part of the body, several of aeration channels and, in some cases, each side with a different firmness. These are firm mattresses, not as much as a spring mattress, but they maintain the touch, the adaptability and the softness of quality foam. They offer a firm and ergonomic rest that varies according to the type of foam, and the combination of this material with the viscoelastic offers an excellent result.



Spring mattresses are the most common, offering the traditional high degree of firmness combined with the flexibility of the springs. The structure of springs is the heart of the mattress and guarantees good support and durability. A layer of polyurethane foam can be added. The structure is composed of iron wire springs attached to a steel shaping bar and sewn into cotton covers of different design. Foam supports are attached in the corners for greater consistency. There are different degrees of firmness depending on the type of spring used, but they generally have good indices of buffering and elasticity (keys for good sleep). They must be accompanied by several layers of shock absorption (textile, polyester, HR... of more or less quality and efficiency depending on the range and the model) to isolate the hardness of the spring. Although these mattresses are generally very breathable and hygienic, they are improved by incorporating some extra treatment such as temperature regulation. There are different variants according to the configuration of the springs, since they can be in pockets or biconical. Biconical or Bonell Springs: they are shaped like a double cone and adapt best to the weight of the different parts of the body. Pocket or cylindrical springs: these are in the shape of cylinders and individually sewn into pockets to avoid annoying sounds caused by movement. They distribute weight better and give more firmness to the mattress, for healthier sleep. The amount of springs is important; the more springs per square meter, the better the support for the body. The hardness of the mattress is obtained by changing the diameter of the steel wire and does not decrease the number of springs.