- EXPERIENCE: More than 30 years in the sector, becoming leaders in the province of Málaga, joined by customers from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or primarily A Coruña.

- THE BEST: We have the best European quality of the world of sleep. Our great variety of products and brands distinguish us (Tempur, Flex, Relax, Nessen, NordSwiss, Nightland, Mash, Magister, Keyton, Dorwin, Dicon and Aspol). We also stand out for having the most competitive prices in the market (we improve any budget).

- INNOVATION: We are constantly seeking new materials and technologies; we pursue quality and innovation to obtain the best raw materials and the best rest, always with the goal to satisfy our customers.

One example of this is our Nessen brand. The three basic pillars supporting it are sacrifice, work and care all directed toward or major goal of meeting our customers’ needs.

Nessen works with a HR of 35 kg of density, profiled and channeled.

It is composed of exclusive materials: Memoryvis, Irontex and Airdreams.

  Also Nessen ensures the duration of its products with a guarantee of up to 12 years (without small print) on the nucleus of the mattress, making it the manufacturer that most trusts in the quality of all of its materials.

 (Discover all of the products here)

- EXCLUSIVE PERSONALIZED SERVICE: All of our advisors are professionally qualified and trained to offer the best personalized service. For us it is very important to analyze the preferences as well as the physiological characteristics of our customers. The choice of your sleep equipment will depend on whether or not you suffer from any back pain, the sleep position, the base on which you rest, etc.

There are many factors that intervene in the process and this is why we take charge of facilitating the search.

- FREE SERVICES: Free shipping and assembly. We deliver the order promptly, adapting to our customer’s schedule establishing an estimated time for the customer to be at home and not have to wait all day.

 Another of our great differences is the totally FREE REMOVAL OF THE USED MATTRESS, helping with its recycling.

- SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: We have more than 200,000 satisfied customers, as reflected in the comments that they leave us in our guest book.

At Mi Colchón we care about your opinion and experience in the complete purchase process, since we want to be able to continue offering you the best quality at the best price.


- ADDITIONAL PROMOTIONS AND DISCOUNTS: The prices of all our products in addition to being the most competitive in the market also have some discounts. If you belong to some group or you are a distributor you can take advantage of exclusive advantages (Enter here for more info).

We also have promotions for professionals if you belong to the hotel and geriatrics sector.

It is for all this and more that at Mi Colchón we offer you the best and the most adequate sleep equipment. Call us without obligation and get some rest.


Telephone: 952 178 538 - 673 218 062 (WhatsApp)