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La Cama Inteligente de Flex

The Smart Bed. FLEX reinvents the concept of rest.


La Cama Inteligente


Discover the first bed that adapts dynamically and automatically over time to your morphology and behavior while you sleep. iBedFLEX® is designed to maximize your rest and help improve the health of your back, through continuous monitoring during sleep and postural profiles defined in collaboration with the Proschlaf Institute.

With iBedFLEX® you will always make the right choice for your bed. iBedFLEX® learns from your movements at bedtime and from your possible body changes through numerous sensors arranged on the entire surface of the mattress. Since you are able to control the bed from the Smartphone or tablet, you can take your bed anywhere and apply your personalized profile to any other iBedFLEX® bed you may have access to.

What is iBedFlex®?

Unlike other intelligent mattress systems,, iBedFlex® measures the body shapes of one or two people and their possible changes over time, adjusting the firmness to each one of them improving comfort and ensuring a restful sleep.

You can configure your Flex smart bed automatically or manually, according to your preferences, through its simple App installed on your Smartphone or Tablet. You will have total control over the bed, its 8 configurable zones and the information generated.

Configure your Smart Bed

iBedFLEX mattress

Benefits of your Smart Bed


Personalized/strong>. With iBedFLEX® you will always make a successful choice for your bed because it suits you.
Smart.Monitor your rest to get detailed and complete information of your preferences and
needs during sleep in order to improve and optimize the way you sleep.
Transferable. Allowing you to configure your bed in any other iBedFLEX® bed through the App and
enjoy your bed anywhere.
Healthy. Featuring the BioCeramics® tissue, which is highly beneficial for the body as it increases
blood flow circulation at the capillary level, enhances cell activity and improves the feeling of well-being.
It also allows you to obtain the average data of all your sessions:
• Sleep quality index.
• Number of sleeping hours.
• Number of movements.

Your life with iBedFLEX


AVOI Flex Mattress


iBedFLEX is the Smart Bed. You can manually configure your 8 rest areas or let iBedFLEX® do it for you. If you sleep as a couple, you can configure the two sides of the bed independently.
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