Viscoelastic Mattresses

Buying a viscoelastic memory foam mattress is a great choice, but there are many qualities, that depend not only on its density, which greatly influences the useful life of the mattress. We find in the market cheap viscoelastic memory foam, low-cost or outlet mattresses. Most are presented vacuum packed and rolled up to optimize transport costs. Although their durability is less, they are practical for extra beds, folding beds or beds sporadically used.

At MiColchón you will find quality viscoelastic memory foam mattresses at the best price, such as the Tempur material, the original patent of this material conceived at NASA, which offers a unique rest along with the sensation of floating in air, a sensation of weightlessness that has revolutionized the world of sleep.

We offer viscoelastic memory foam mattresses treated with patented vegetable or viscoelastic memory foam oils such as Nessen's Memoryvis®, which makes the mattress much fresher. These viscoelastic memory foam materials also provide great benefits to your health, and, as COLCHONOLOGISTS, we know how they can help you with your ailments. We offer you the best mattresses indicated for athletes and for each type of ailment such as back pain, scoliosis, spondylitis and hernias.

Looking for a cooler sleep? Ideal for hot people, we can also offer you mattresses that combine viscoelastic with gel. If you stop by to try them out, you will find that the touch alone feels like the mattress is at least 2 or 3 degrees below ambient temperature.

Viscographene mattresses are a new trend. These models combine the adaptative properties of viscoelastic memory foam with the benefits of graphene, which, due to its high thermal conductivity, dissipate the sensation of heat that viscoelastic memory foam can generate. Remember anyway that viscoelastic memory foam does not give off heat on its own, but since it adapts to the body, we create a larger support surface and that is what can generate a sensation of heat. Graphene helps dissipate some of that heat. In addition to its great elasticity, graphene, which is an allotropic form of carbon, has been incorporated into the world of rest to improve our comfort.

AVOI Flex Mattress

AVOI Flex Mattress

SOLIDARY MATTRESS! Mattress with 3 cm viscoelastic on both sides and density of 40 kg. We will donate 5€ to the AVOI Association for each mattress sold. Collaborate with us and give away smiles!
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