Tempur Mattresses

The Tempur material was designed by NASA to reduce the pressure that astronauts were subjected to during the takeoff phases, allowing them to feel more comfortable.

Since then, thanks to the research of engineers and scientists, it has been possible to improve and expand the possibilities of this material to develop mattresses and pillows that offer superior rest.

Tempur mattresses mold to the contours of your body, offering a perfect support when you rest in your preferred position. It reduces pressure points that cause tossing and turning at night.

TEMPUR offers three ranges of mattresses, Cloud, Original and Sensation, each with a specific feel and bringing a series of features. All mattresses contain the exclusive TEMPUR material. This thermosensitive material responds to body heat to adapt to its contour and to distribute its weight better, avoiding the formation of pressure points and offering a personalized support. Unlike most products that use viscoelastic foams, the TEMPUR material progressively recovers its initial shape after each use, throughout its useful life.

The Cloud range of mattresses combines the excellent support of TEMPUR materials with a very soft enveloping feel. The top layer of the mattress adapts and molds itself to your body.

The Original range adapts and molds to the contours of each person's body, offering a firmer feeling.

The Sensation range combines all the benefits of the TEMPUR material with the TEMPUR Dynamic Support Technology that facilitates movements on the bed.

Everyone is different. We have different morphology, measures and tastes, and each person has its particular way of sleeping. Thus, it is worth spending time looking for the mattress that will offer you the best night's sleep for many years, a mattress that you will not want to leave. TEMPUR gives you this.