Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses have been the protagonists of modern rest in the last centuries. Although since the 17th century spring mattresses were already manufactured, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century when stable cores were achieved, thanks to the invention of the conical spring.

Spring mattresses are the most breathable, because the air circulates freely between their springs every time we move. This is also why they transmit the least amount of heat.

In this section we present the most important systems and types of springs in the world of rest (learn about pocketed ones by visiting their specific section):

  • Bonell or biconical springs are currently the most basic in the market and the cheapest spring mattresses. They have a double cone shape (like an hourglass) and the springs are joined together to stabilize the core, using steel wires or threads. They are products of the industrial revolution where, thanks to the tempered steel, more flexible and adaptable spring mattresses were produced.
  • Continuous suture mattresses are mattresses made with a single thread, which is interlaced in a knot-free Z-shape, creating a mattress of great consistency and stability. They are more durable than bonell springs and transmit much less movement if you sleep accompanied.
    • In this section you will learn about Flex’s exclusive MULTIELÁSTIC® system, which is more resistant and, therefore, perfect for people with greater weight. It is a block of continuous thread, helical-shaped double springs crossed internally. Thus, greater adaptation to the body is achieved, since it modifies its firmness and support depending on the pressure received.
    • Also from Flex you can discover the Multielastic® NxT technology. It is an evolution of the Multielastic version, more elastic, non-deformable and durable, thanks to the longer heat treatment applied during the manufacture of the spring core through an infrared process.
  • Pocketed springs or bagged springs. You can learn more details about them by visiting their section but let us advance to you that they are the trendy system at the moment, even if they have appeared more than a century ago. Bagging the springs individually made it possible to eliminate the sound of friction between springs and achieve actual and effective independence of the beds, which means you do not notice the movement of your partner and it does not transmit to you. They are also more adaptable to our body.
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