Pocket Springs Mattresses

What are pocketed springs?

Pocketed springs, or bagged springs, are independent springs integrated in fabric pockets. This system of springs so fashionable at present, was invented in the USA more than 80 years ago. The fabric wrapping each spring can be TST, cotton or other materials. Pocketed spring mattresses offer the following advantages:

  • INDEPENDENT BEDS: The springs are not joined together, but the fabric pockets that wrap them are. This prevents them from transmitting movement, for example, in a double bed where two people sleep. Your partner will not bother you anymore! This is also in the case of two people of different weights, avoiding the "sink effect".
  • FRESHER MATTRESS: In pocketed springs mattresses, the air circulates more easily, allowing the mattress to breathe and therefore making it much cooler. Of course, your room needs daily ventilation to prevent the appearance and accumulation of moisture.
  • NOISE-FREE: Unlike traditional mattresses where the springs are joined together and generate noise, pocket springs are not a problem, as they are lodged inside independent fabric pockets, removing any friction between them.
  • HYGIENIC: The springs are made of a special material and undergoes a baking process that prevents rusting, in addition to having an EPOXY paint finish. Even so, if, over the years, some small rusting occurs, it will never extend to the mattress as it goes inside the fabric pockets.
  • ERGONOMIC: at present there are certain brands, such Spain’s RELAX, which manufacture their pocketed spring cores featuring different comfort zones to adapt the firmness of the mattress to each part of our body. Thus, the SPIRAL system of Relax has up to 5 zones of adaptability, depending on whether the spring is located in the headboard, footboard, lumbar area, shoulders ... Maximum adaptability that can also be combined with viscoelastic memory foam, latex, fiber or natural material layers or padding.

At MiColchón you can find the best pocket springs, since we work with the best brands specializing in this type of product. Sealy is from the United States and are pioneers in the world of sleep and specialize in pocket springs, offering a fabulous resting experience with high quality mattresses, such as the Hybrid line with titanium alloy springs that are even more durable and flexible.

We also offer you a higher range of pocket spring mattresses from Nessen. This firm combines the pocketed springs with very natural products such as camel wool, linen, silk, cotton, cashmere and Talalay latex, creating exclusive mattresses such as Portofino, Porto Alegre and Porto Vecchio, so you may sleep as you never did before. We also offer a superior range through the Hästens, Treca Interiors or Vispring brands. These firms manufacture each of the beds by hand, also offering the combination of pocket springs and natural materials such as horsehair, wool, cotton and linen.

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