HR Mattresses

HR mattresses are mattresses composed of what we commonly call foams. But it is not just about foams, in the world of sleep they are technical foams due to the magnificent properties they contribute to our sleep and rest, eliminating the pressure that is exerted on our body by traditional spring mattresses for example. HR or High Resilience mattresses refer to the High Resilience properties of their materials, that is, flexibility, resistance and damping. Resilience is the ability of these foams to recover their initial state after being subjected to pressure.

HR mattresses are manufactured from the chemical compound Isocyanate. To distinguish among the different qualities, density and the amount of isocyanate used in their composition are usually taken into account and is measured in relation to their weight and volume. Thus, a quality HR will be start off at densities greater than 20 or 25 Kg per cubic meter.

The high resilience material is the usual basis of viscoelastic memory foam mattresses. In this section, we show you mattresses made from quality HR, which are commercial patents from the main brands in the market, such as Eliocel by Relax, Flex’s Airvex, Magpur by Magister or Nessen’s Irontex.

As with other types of mattresses, there are very different qualities, the most economic technical foams having the least density in their composition. This mainly influences the ultimate durability of the product. Density is not directly related to firmness or breathability. These other properties of the material will depend on its chemical composition, its manufacturing process (some manufacturers speak of open or closed pore) or even its shape or profile.

When selecting the most suitable mattress for you, take also into account the layers of shelter or padding, which combined with the high-resilience HR base, will make your mattress more or less ergonomic, firm, cozy or cool.

Colchón Magister ESMERALDA

Magister ESMERALDA Mattress

Formed of MAGPUR Core and Sensotermic® Conformation , technologies that thanks to its excellent performance, give the mattress total independence of sleep surfaces.
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Colchón Magister RUBÍ

Magister RUBI Mattress

Adaptability for your rest. Rubi has grown up. Now, in addition to our range of mats, we have a 28-cm mattress.
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Designed for your postural health. Thanks to its Sensotermic® Top Layer and MAGPUR Core (top-quality foam block) it provides high adaptability and durability, distributes the pressure points and fully and millimetrically adapts to the body.
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