Latex Mattresses

Buying a latex mattress has not gone out of style. Latex, natural or synthetic, has its followers; it is a cozy material that allows to create mattresses with different areas of firmness, depending on the part of our body, differentiating among shoulders, lower back and legs mainly.

One-hundred percent natural latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree, (the Hevea tree), and its properties revolutionized the sleep industry due to its elasticity, adaptability and non-deformability, which is ideal for example for use in articulated beds.

We find 3 types of latex in the sleep industry, according to its composition: natural latex, synthetic latex (called 100% latex) or 100% natural latex. The latter, 100% natural latex mattresses, are all those in which sap accounts for 80% of the total product in its composition. It should be noted that all 100% natural latex mattresses combine, within these percentages, natural latex and synthetic latex.

At MiColchón you will find the best latex in the world. Like the TALALAY Latex, from Spanish firm Dorwin, which belongs to the Flex group. This latex offers lighter, softer and more adaptable mattresses.

Nessen, however has several models featuring latex from the LATEXCO factory, with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, which achieves high-density cores and a uniform cell structure through high-pressure injection technology. They are latex mattresses with great durability, rebound and resilience.



Natural latex mattress : its unmatched elasticity supports the natural movements of the person during sleep. 2 years guarantee.
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