Micolchón offers you 100 test nights on all Nessen mattress models and on some TEMPUR models.

MICOLCHÓN offers you the possibility to test your mattress belonging only to NESSEN as well as some TEMPUR brand models. You can try them out without their plastic wrapper or any packaging for 100 days. In addition, we give you more than 3 months of additional test time to decide if it is your mattress.

The only requisite is that you use the mattress for 30 days.

You must sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights, since we cannot assess if it is the right one for you in just a few days only, especially if you have a diagnosed back ailment. After the first 30 days, if you have not adapted to the new mattress, you can exercise your right for a replacement. Remember that you cannot withdraw from the order and must exchange it for another mattress of the same firm and measure. If the amount of the new mattress model is higher, you will only pay the difference; conversely, if you choose a mattress of lesser amount, we will refund the difference. We will not accept changes or returns after 100 days from the date of receipt of the order, unless the products carry a manufacturing defect. If this is the case, the corresponding manufacturer's warranty will apply.

  • • All Nessen mattresses are made of natural materials which confer greater adaptability in addition to their thermoregulating capability.

  • • If you suffer from a back ailment you can see which mattress is recommended for your particular case in the product data sheet -->NESSEN MATRESSES

  • • We recommend a minimum trial period of 30 days as it is usually difficult to adapt to a new mattress.

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