“A health rest improves the quality of life”

This is the beginning that runs and guides for over 40 years ago each Dorelan project.

Italian company specialized in the sector of rest, that since forever it occupy of the welfare of sleep of all family.


Therefore each mattress, bed, base or pillow of Dorelan is born of a careful study of ergonomics exigencies of our body, thanks to important collaborations with Research Institutes of the best Italian Universities and to participation of highly specialized professionals.

They are convinced that the sleep is the remedy most natural, most economic and powerful that each one of us has daily in reach of the hand for guaranteed a source irreplaceable of psychophysics energy.

Among the innumerable trends of modern life, restful sleep is basically the unique real secret of longevity and youth, free and inexhaustible source of peace and intimacy ourselves.

Design and production entirely in Italy for guaranteed the excellent in the production, obtaining the maximum efficiency through the use of intelligence and intellect Italian appreciated and estimated throughout the world.

Perfect combination between innovation, technology and high Italian manufacture, employing people who know how to interpret the old “know to do” that correspond to your cultural identity.


- SELECT RAW MATERIALS: they have under control all stages of manufacturing to ensure the best quality starting of the scrupulous and careful choice of raw materials, forcing them to buy especially in Italy or in Europe, favoring, anyway, the countries that excellence is recognized by the resources found.

- RESPONSIBILITY: they accept all the responsibility of what they make and launch to market, through to continuous controls of the raw materials, of cycle of production and of final product.

- MADE IN ITALY: create, work, produce within of his borders mean leverage the experience of the manufacturing high culture that it contribute to the image of “Made in Italy” and that had done big your country in the entire world.