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150 cm mattresses 

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MICOLCHÓN presents you the greatest variety of 150 cm mattresses, thesses, thee ideal size of your mattress to allow you and your partner to enjoy the best rest. You can choose your 150x190 cm mattress from the best brands, FLEX, SEALY, RELAX, and especially NESSEN and TEMPUR, which also offer 100 nights of testing, because your rest is the most important thing.

To achieve the most comfortable rest and also to sleep accompanied, choosing a 150 cm mattress width would be ideal. In Spain it is the size that couples usually choose, since it fits perfectly in a shared room and provides a very useful and comfortable extra space. It is the ideal size for resting, so that your posture or movements during sleep do not affect your partner.

In addition to space, a 150 cm mattress allows each side of the bed to adapt to the morphology of each person, depending on his/her size, weight or height with 150x200 cm and 150x210 cm mattresses. This personalizing of each bed can be found in the main brands of the market, MAGISTER, FLEX, NESSEN ... Consider also the option of twin mattresses, that is, two mattresses 75 cm wide that can be joined by special covers and that are especially useful in the case of adjustable double beds, either manually or motor-driven.

The most advanced bed when it comes to personalized rest is the IBedFlex Smart Bed by Spanish multinational Flex. In this case and through your Smartphone, not only can you adapt the firmness of your mattress to each part of your body for a pressure-free rest, but your IBEDFlex bed will also provide you with reports on the quality of your sleep. The configuration of each side of the bed will always be stored in the cloud and available at all times, allowing you to configure each IBED mattress at any hotel through your personal profile.

Showing 1 - 6 of 100 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 100 items
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