Flex Somiflex F6 Bed Frame

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Flex Somiflex F6 Bed Frame
The most flexible in the SomiFlex range.

Flexible, pressure-absorbing bed frame. With its adjustable tensioners, it achieves an adjustable firmness.

It has smart flexibility thanks to its double slats that distribute the pressure evenly. It also adds an anti-breakage system for the slats.

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • +/- 36 cm

Product Details

Ideal for
Mattresses WITHOUT springs, such as memory foam or latex.
Metal structure with double rounded steel tube in 50 x 16 mm profile + • Central metal steel bar (from 110 cm in 50 x 20 mm profile) + Beech wood slats, plywood and steamed.
26 cm graphite grey level plastic leg.



Great stability of the equipment thanks to its highly rigid double wooden structure. Extraordinary elasticity and recovery of the mattress due to its bed formed by ergonomic slats. Pressure absorption without noise. Firmness regulation, by its regulation tensioners. Modern and elegant design in graphite color.


  • Metal structure with double rounded steel tube in 50 x 16 mm profile.
  • Finish. In high impact resistance paint, graphite gray.
  • Central metal steel bar (from measurements of 110 cm. in 50 x 20 mm profile) that provides high resistance and great rigidity to the structure.


  • Single-color SBS rubber tips. Thermoplastic and environmentally friendly rubber material for high elasticity similar to that of natural rubber.
  • Fixation thanks to the pressure exerted by the studs, providing high non-deformability and resistance.


  • Vaporized and plywood beech wood slats. Ergonomic start and end slats.
  • 13 rows of double slats (14 rows in lengths of 200 cm.).
  • 3 rows of double slats reinforced with another lower slat in the lumbar area. (4 rows in lengths of 200 cm.).
  • 12 custom firmness regulators. (24 from measurements of 110 cm.). They adjust the load distribution individually to support the weight of the body and the mattress.
  • 2 independent beds from the measurement of 110 cm.


  • Intelligent flexibility system. The double slats distribute the pressure received evenly, allowing the combination between the tip and the slats to work with less effort, increasing flexibility and comfort.
  • Anti-break safety system: if the slat is subjected to maximum individualized pressure, it springs from the inside of the ferrule, preventing breakage.


  • Graphite gray level plastic leg.
    • 26 cm
    • Total base 36 cm.

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