Nessen YOUNG SPIRIT 40K Mattress

Nessen YOUNG SPIRIT 40K Mattress

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Medium-high consistency and softness, suitable for all ages and weights. Features 5 + 2 cm of thermosensitive Memoryvis material. For lifestyles full of action. 

imagen irontex
Its base consists of a 15 cm profiled Irontex core that provides great elasticity.
imagen irontex 2
2 cm Irontex Soft layer, non-deformable and long-lasting.
imagen memoryvis
5 cm thermosensitive Memoryvis® layer that adapts to perfection, keeping our spine always in its ideal position. 
imagen traspira
3D Airdreams fabric: your mattress breathes.
imagen concremallera
Inner and outer cover with removable and reversible zipper. OEKO-TEK certified fabric.
imagen antiacaro
Anti-mite treatment and hypoallergenic.
imagen memoryvis
In addition, the padding has an additional 2 cm of Memoryvis® on one side. 
imagen ventilacion
3d Airdreams fabric: your mattress breathes.
imagen altura
Available in heights of 15, 20 and 24 cm.
imagen rotar
Just turn the mattress for maintenance (from head to toes)
imagen recomendado
Recommended for scoliosis, low back pain and herniated discs
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Place on breathable base and spring box
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Nessen YOUNG SPIRIT 40K Mattress

Nessen YOUNG SPIRIT 40K Mattress

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